An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.25 (4,190,778th)
1,216 (129,627th)
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Title Δ
Issue Creating EC2 with Provisioned iops EBS 0.00
How to get the text from the selected option? -3.18
How to call an iframe from within. -2.89
loading CSS files dynamically in Windows 8 app +0.60
populate array with multiple input fields -0.31
How to download a webpage using javascript -3.43
Repeater with Radiobutton get selected row using jQuery +1.57
Is there a way to tell the user that there's no internet connection... -0.32
CSS3 Rounded Box and Shadow Issue -1.06
CSS3 Rounded Box and Shadow Issue -1.06
Gap above fixed header -1.85
integrating jquery with jsf 0.00
jquery hover menu adding class with time -0.79
Unexpected Behavior of :even pseudo selector in jquery -1.11
need to refresh the page content +0.11
avoid hidden element occupying space/not possible to make visibilit... +0.81
How to store HTML headings in JavaScript array -3.26
html pdf object tag - parameters not working +0.49
Bootbox.js is scrolling the window up 0.00
changing the height of a div with jquery +0.53
cloning an event object in javascript/jquery -2.40
Why are external js scripts often loaded with document.write() at t... -1.40
What is the jQuery equivalent for this method -2.48
keyup event always return uppercase letter -2.23
Simple <tr> Click Forcing Contained <a> Click -1.50
Getting the offset of the text element -3.16
jQuery .load doesn't work in IE8 -3.40
CSS3 Responsive, dynamic octagon +2.17
How to add "selected" in option attribute using Javascrip... -3.81
Javascript set variable from within another function? -1.58
How to use border-radious in ie8? -1.09
Checkbox - in Javascript +0.48
Replacing HTML in correct div with jQuery -3.45
Explanation of "in" in JavaScript -2.63
Dynamically add divs into another div in random order -0.69
How can i grab the source of the background on a div -0.71
jQuery .text() issues -2.16
why this jQuery works on and not work on my website? -2.16
event.which value 'incorrect' 0.00
Should I use .eq(0) when using the $("body") selector? -2.82
changing an alert into a print out -4.00
Deleting uploaded certificate from elastic load balancer 0.00
Access remote MySQL database and update a table using javascript..? -1.95
Powershell script to auto install of IIS 7 and above +4.20
Catch a restore event when Sharepoint 2010 webpart is in minimize m... 0.00
Observing click of element within element that has a separate click... -3.73
Export data from mathematica script +0.17
Jquery alert output issue -3.54
Changing text into Select dropdown list - jQuery +0.02
Display (javascript) Popup while page is loading +0.07