An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1518.12 (35,972nd)
903 (168,509th)
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Title Δ
repeated string problem in hackerrank using python? +3.85
python different number of keys dictionary store to text file in sp... -4.77
statement not getting implemented in python3 -0.27
How to write an indexed loop over a list in Python? +1.61
Writing list items in one line -0.20
Passing exe to Python for all the files in directories 0.00
Python - Search all files for "exit 0" string +0.55
Troubles with syntax +3.79
Insert list in database MySQLdb Python3.6 -2.17
python file does not run properly on Spyder +3.89
Break the execution of the loop while reading string, if there is a... +3.91
How To Do SUM With case +0.29
Oracle 10g SQL transpose rows to columns +3.99
How to divide a list into a list of smaller lists based on a predic... -2.44
python list multiply each value +3.79
Sorting and Removing from list Python +2.96
Replacing null values in a list with values of another list -0.83
In Python, convert list to dict so that n-th element is a key -1.32
Write a 2d array to a csv file with delimiter -2.40
Regex to convert lower case in string to upper case, when string ma... 0.00
Convert number string to number using python 3.6+ +4.00
Search a Python list for a specific string using unknown elements i... -2.14
Can I get sum of a list values (not occurrences of index values) in... +4.91
Create list of tuples , tuple elements taken as Input +0.06
Replacing specific characters in python string +0.27
Python: Trying to execute command to clear screen if user inputs ce... +0.03
timeout for 10 seconds while loop in python -0.07
Index error in Python( index out of range) -4.01
How to fetch all the child nodes of an XML using python? +3.94
`` is not giving entire match (Python) +0.21
Python code for digit-to-digit invariants -3.81
I get an error when I try to install BeautifulSoup4 0.00
text and xml converting problems 0.00
how to print row in CVS file in one line? -4.19
Python 3: search for a specific string in a file -0.21
Find strings with maximum vowels +3.93
How to make sqlite3 module not converting column data to integer type +0.80
Duplication of one list into another list 0.00
text boundary in Microsoft Word +0.15
Arrange elements with same count in alphabetical order - Python Cou... 0.00
Create a program that asks the user for a string and then prints th... +0.03