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1522.92 (26,818th)
26,950 (4,694th)
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Title Δ
Is there a more dynamic way to sanitize ORDER BY +0.18
Reloading nginx & php5-fpm does not update changes to php.ini 0.00
How to refer to next and previous array value? -0.19
Regular expresion +0.02
What is a good programming pattern to prevent html mixed in PHP? +0.46
PHP MySQL INSERT Error and i can't find it o_o +1.06
Saving my PDO connection as a global variable -1.74
PHP Subclass not over-writing new values -0.19
How to get the first element of a SimpleXML object? 0.00
Count number of uses for each user of my public API in the least se... -0.04
HTML entity '&times' and php function -0.48
How to convert a string into a usable array 0.00
PHP: use a class to establish and return a PDO handle +2.02
PHP Variables in SQL Statement not working +0.47
pass a variable from controller, through a model to a view file +2.36
Having issue with oop and pdo in php 0.00
Get PHP echo data to be captilized +0.89
The OOP way of doing things (in PHP) -0.84
PDO prepare with question marks doesn't work with numbers -0.02
PHP how can i use a class method in another class method? -0.27
Turn simple WordPress title script into a PHP function -0.53
Get the value of a custom field of a WordPress post 0.00
PHP - Search string then delete until end of that string +0.46
JSON encode outputting result 0.00
How to prepare existing database for location aware searching? 0.00
PHP - zipcode distance function converting distance to miles 0.00
return; return true and return false - what are the differences? -0.21
Can you override interface methods with different, but "compat... -0.50
using the mysql in() function -0.78
Getting first element from an query array +0.16
Populating Select List is Creating Duplicate/Multiple Options +0.06
PHP PSR-0 Static Class -0.01
Trying to order my list by date time but fails -0.08
PHP Code replace whit Regular expressions -1.37
Calling a derived static method from a method in parent class in PHP 0.00
Identifying and deleting line breaks +1.74
Find key in one array according to another value from another array... -1.34
PHP Can't get value textbox +1.59
compare folder content with mysql data 0.00
Creating a [url="link"]title[!url] style preg_replace -0.55
How to provide my API for only some applications? +0.02
Instagram API: how to make in popular feed see user and likes 0.00
Displaying user information from Instagram PHP API 0.00
PHP/SQL repeat cycle until data is unique in PHP or create SQL quer... -0.59
How to make "get closest" location fast(er)? +1.23
How to get an array accross the pages? -1.54
HTML form input field with comma seperated +1.98
php $POST dynamic variable names security concerns +1.84
Remove the Duplicate Link +1.75
PHP preg_replace_callback with more than one regular expression 0.00