An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

James Allardice

1768.52 (22nd)
142,711 (408th)
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Title Δ
how to auto-increment column value starting from value other than o... +4.38
Making a class invisible -1.94
Show chid div on mouse hover of parent - needs javascript? -2.71
JavaScript Form Validation, Return False -2.61
"Encrypted" html code for google search? +0.09
jQuery apply onmouseover event attribute to tr, works in Firefox bu... 0.00
How does google do? -4.00
How do I find out if a CSS class exists in a StyleSheet? +4.06
How to get substr of the string's all characters except for the las... +1.84
Adding a class to img tags using JavaScript -0.91
Javascript - Open a given URL in a new tab by clicking a button -0.12
Why stackexchange users hate W3 Schools? +4.16
jQuery .attr retrieving custom attribute returns undefined -3.05
Get/find javascript object by its parameter -3.04
JQuery Substr start at letter +3.63
How to create a new table row after every 4 cells within a forloop... -1.65
<p> cannot show after fade out , what's wrong? -1.87
How to format user entered tags in php? +0.02
SWF file as a HTML link +3.93
How to create an HTML checkbox with a clickable label -2.33
HTML image behind object -0.07
Jquery - get list position -0.38
1st Time to AJAX, Don't understand some line of codes +3.84
Using slideUp() and remove() on more than one DIV -4.41