An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1578.85 (3,113th)
18,746 (7,390th)
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Title Δ
Redirecting Nginx Parameters -2.42
why lock tokens are needed for multithreading programs 0.00
How to use Dapper with mysql when the sql statement contains @ 0.00
.Net passing JSON data to Rest GET method +0.38
DefaultIfEmpty() + select new MyStronglyTypeObj() 0.00
C# linq Select objects in list looking inside another list of objects 0.00
Only href="#", no onclick(), how do I load this in script? -0.62
error 'an object reference is required ...' in instagram pr... +0.39
Can't get gridview dynamic label ID but textboxes are fine 0.00
Factory pattern - cannot create an instance of the abstract class o... 0.00
xlsx excel cannot open the file because the file format or file ext... 0.00
C# How to solve HtppWebResponse return Could not establish trust re... 0.00
Regex.IsMatch("Abcd", @"/^\S*$/"); returns false 0.00
How can I scan a number having upto 10^18 digits in C -0.81
How do I include an icon once that can be used for both the executa... +0.38
Regex forward slash 0.00
C# - Get multi-dimensional slice of array in VERTICAL collections +0.39
i dont get what this means CS0120 C# An object reference is require... 0.00
What is necessary on a build server (eg TFS or TeamCity) to build V... -0.14
API Call Time Regulation in PHP 0.00
In C# When is the right time to use Apostrophe Quotation marks -1.66
Setting up dependency injection for my own classes -0.52
add class to next and previous div in carousel +1.59
What does AOF stand for? -0.12
c# Writing an extension method to extend functionality in System.Linq -1.81
quering data in ravendb 0.00
Why does the following Regex extractor of JMeter always returning t... -0.25
Will this make my API KEY Secure? 0.00
How to request real data through Web Api 0.00
Load Multiple types of Documents at Once -0.59
Remap to show as in address bar 0.00
Finding dark/light colors -0.62
PHP Email - Sending to GMail, but not GoDaddy? +1.57
Need to extract string from a separator in c# -1.37
How do I securely configure a CI server to digitally sign binaries? -0.10
How can I hide userid/password in a SQL Server connection string? -0.24
StringBuilder is slower , how come every one saying it is faster +0.35
Show every file in a directory, but don't show files that are curre... +0.40
Moving from standard .NET rest to RestSharp 0.00
Recursive Javascript Function For Online Status -0.14
regex search text1 OR text2 -1.69
RegEx translation, can't find what it means 0.00
Accessing a USB device from ASP.NET MVC +0.12
Deserialize dynamically named JSON objects in C# (using JSON.Net or... -0.61
Match and Replace words between two words +0.36
Determine if an int value exists once in an array -1.14
How to store many images on a webserver? +1.56
Use SOAP or REST for a new Api 0.00
How can I use math.random but only for certain values? +0.77
How to make condition for this complicated loop to display value fr... +1.01