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1492.10 (4,370,694th)
14,324 (9,945th)
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Title Δ
How to evaluate results of pipes in a bash script -0.23
Is there a way to save the command prompt into a variable and edit... 0.00
Concatenate columns and adds digits awk -0.92
Using ssh to execute a remote script in the background doesn't... 0.00
How to detect if a text file's column values aren't grouped? +0.51
Compare two text files and output lines that are present in file1 b... 0.00
How to check if a UID is unique using Bash? -0.49
Bash: how to split a line by a delimiter and print each element on... -0.72
How to acquire a file path with another program in Linux terminal? 0.00
Replacing text strings in bash using awk +2.43
Extracting string from line, give as input to a command and then ou... 0.00
Configuration change tracking system 0.00
Why doesn't "${0%/*}" work as expected on my machine? 0.00
Printf %d in string formating digits +0.34
bash - extract part of variable that starts with digit -1.38
List directories at a specific path as autocomplete options for a b... +0.24
Read the console output of a process (gameserver) and make some act... +0.01
Bash loop only read the last line +1.25
How to find value of a key in a json response trace file using shel... +0.18
How should I search a group of files using linux `find` command? 0.00
How to fix sed tee awk syntax? 0.00
Bash using optional parameters +2.26
bash function preserving tab completion 0.00
Execute a script through ssh and store its pid in a file on the rem... 0.00
How to obtain the first line after matched string regardless of str... +2.43
Bash: How to truncate long output of 'ls' with ellipsis in... +0.51
Why doesn't the 0th index of this array still equal 0? +0.52
unexpected EOF while looking for matching error +0.00
How to extract the month, day of month and IP address from the line... -0.87
bash search text between first occurence of pattern1 and last occur... +1.72
Stop sudo stopping script completion +0.01
Move files to new folder structure using Terminal 0.00
Bash variable SECONDS expanded immediately or delayed? 0.00
Remove whitespaces between words and collapse double whitespaces in... -0.52
Interactively enter non-printable characters 0.00
Bash: start date less than equal to end date +0.13
Trying to join output from ps and pwdx linux commands +0.47
Ubuntu bash script reuse input variable +0.12
awk BEGIN compare multiple variables in if statement +1.53
Making Script Editor open and save a file via terminal(bash) +2.07
I am trying to tail a log file and check for server up condition, o... 0.00
Unable to store multiple commands in a variable and execute in Bash... 0.00
Create polymorphic bash without die trying. Sed replacing +0.51
Is it possible to display some help message when showing autocomple... -1.68
Bash Replace Variable IP Address with Network +1.99
How to divide list with help awk -0.60
How to insert text after a certain string in file using run script... 0.00
Bash on Ubuntu on Windows start parameter 0.00
Replace Double quote with double double quote with awk -1.31
Environment variables from .bashrc not being loaded when sourced fr... 0.00