An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1460.39 (4,528,430th)
987 (156,522nd)
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Title Δ
Conditional query with WhereBetween in Laravel -1.46
Toggle Class with Jquery very fast +0.32
Photo not loading using asset() in laravel 5 -3.19
How to access an array sent from jquery ajax post in laravel 5? -1.19
Move a child div to the end in mobile view +0.40
How to make an image hyperlink in <h2> tag where <h2> c... +1.43
Show/Hide Div Combinations jQuery -2.27
how to place a div beside input box on focus? +0.44
Remove DIV dynamically with JQuery -0.36
Javascript print multiple divs on different pages +0.61
text inside an image clickable +0.49
JavaScript random function returns NaN +4.85
Javascript: My function animation is not working? 0.00
Button visibility depending on inputs focus +0.32
how to make an animation only 1 time on scroll +4.63
Responsive Circle (javascript,html5,css) 0.00
I need to return text of clicks -3.40
How to swap images on click jquery -3.61
How to add another show/hide toggler div? 0.00
Using split pop and join all at once can it work? -3.00
Change CSS class after interval with JQuery -0.15
Show/Hide div element on button click -3.71
remove second comma from a string in javascript -1.38
Flip the html webpage horizontally not text -3.07
4 centered and equalsize div + top right bottom link +5.81
onclick append <a>item</a> text to textarea -2.03
Making calculator with real image/images +4.27
how to retain selected value on refreshing page? -3.83
Activation of the tabs through navigation -1.16
html select option display value with empty color div and display v... -1.92
CSS Having margin in tables? -3.83
Which patterns used to select the element? -3.64
Dynamically widening a div based on content -3.54
**Complete Beginner** Why doesnt my Javascript load? +4.12
Can we create a half moon like arc in css -1.98
Jquery - adjust border-radius for a tabbed content -1.63
Keypress event on dynamically added element is not working +4.24
change html form values with javascript +6.42
How to make a font bolder through CSS? +4.16
Searching for words in string -0.10
Have my page display cookie information, when certain actions will... -1.78
Why is the drag function not firing in jQuery +4.39
Show Spinner When Teble Row Click +0.36
jQuery Animate Rotate and scroll text fast in middle but slow when... +0.88
Animating Progress Element value -0.31
Run script if screen size is more than X +0.29
Change background when you click a picture +3.15
Why toggling a setInterval() which changes a image source is only d... -3.37
JQuery: intercept click submit button +0.42
How to move a div in semi circle -1.12