An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1514.77 (42,652nd)
743 (195,390th)
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Title Δ
Check EditText text in Kotlin 0.00
Github API getting files data from directories 0.00
How can I serialize a nested object using Gson @SerializedName in J... -3.66
Fullcalendar Angular - Tooltip.js CSS is not applied (CSS encapsula... +3.77
Center android scroll div to box veritcally 0.00
NullPointerException on Response using Retrofit 0.00
How to set a gradient background to a Material Button? +3.92
datasnapshot.getvalue() does not work and crashes app 0.00
Android: How to display a widget over another one using ConstraintL... +3.85
Android most efficient Table Layout 0.00
Make the RatingBar secondary color opaque -2.26
Add views dynamically according to seekbar position 0.00
Android how to set custom width on text view row +3.94
Why is there is strange padding/margin around toggle button? +4.01
How to position the view with margin that will look same for all de... 0.00
how to align textview to center bottom of image +4.02
In current theme failed to find style 'floatingActionButtonStyl... 0.00
Added two libraries and now project won't compile +4.08
Serial Monitor not responding to input while trying to set HC-05(ZS... 0.00
Why is my .gitignore file not ignoring specific files? +1.53
replace " ' " (aphostrophe) with "," (comma... -4.10
Replace new line from the end of string SQL and update columns 0.00
How to replace the default icon of a searchview with a custom text? 0.00
public void - button.setEnabled with if statement for my situation? -0.02
Forcing a TextView to be with a multiple line text -4.32