An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1354.63 (4,409,289th)
11,005 (13,593rd)
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Title Δ
How do you use a loop in SQL to compare a record to a previous reco... +0.20
Remove root node and first child from XML document, while keeping s... 0.00
Skip element in BizTalk flat file assembly? +2.78
Why does my card code show duplicate cards? -0.88
BizTalk pipeline custom component disassemble with no document schema 0.00
BizTalk - how to programmatically call the Visual Studio validate m... 0.00
how to append list model by using c++ vector 0.00
QML Canvas clipping - non rectangular possible? +0.71
C - Struct for filing xml information 0.00
Loading data from HDFS to Kudu 0.00
Why does Qt's version of libstdc++-6.dll work, but not MinGW? 0.00
Received unexpected message type does not match expected type Biztalk -0.30
BizTalk send port returns ORA-01013: user requested cancel of curre... -0.30
EF6: Multiple added entities may have the same primary key 0.00
Error in Biztalk Expression Editor 0.00
Why would the TrackedMessages_Copy_BizTalkMsgBoxDb start failing wi... +0.71
How to use uniform_real_distribution to generate different numbers? 0.00
Understanding BizTalk flat file schemas -1.33
Why on assigning fields in structures in C I get rubbish characters? 0.00
Specific version oracle drivers for BizTalk bindings? +0.29
Getting a unique list of nodes from a node-set 0.00
Clear Transparent Background for QWidget 0.00
How can I save integers from a file to array? -0.30
XML to XML using XSLT: How to check that element exists in output x... -0.78
Improving QTimer Accuracy 0.00
BizTalk Custom Pipeline component in GAC not updating -0.33
Trying to capture Date and time when a specific field in a single r... +0.36
Qt/OO best practices: connecting signals and slots 0.00
Suitable disposition between QML and C++ +0.68
XSLT transform source xml elements into multiple different target x... 0.00
base file name from __FILE__ -0.88
Nested grouping based on parent field using XSLT -0.93
Run a query per N number of rows +0.19
Invalid preprocessing directive mingw 0.00
Can I add a new value to a QObjectList from QtScript? 0.00
QRegExp match certain letters? +0.83
C Array Behaviour - Global / Local / Dynamic +2.71
thread safe writing to a stream in c++ by multiple thread -1.01
Raw RGB values to JPEG +0.70
Parsing issue c++ -0.23
Using C macro to nicely combine two options in code 0.00
weird behaviour of strstr in qt program -0.20
Reading a substring with spaces from a line in C +0.04
Exposing .lib methods through another DLL -0.35
C++ - Multithreading +0.99
Memory error c++ private int 0.00
Resumed message with custom disassembler falls in infinite loop 0.00
What are the disadvantages of hosting a small server application us... +1.05
Return pointers, return values or pass in references, which is eleg... -0.20
XML - Move To Last Child -0.30