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Rating Stats for

Kaushik Nayak

1603.83 (1,592nd)
23,006 (5,678th)
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Title Δ
Return results of query inside PL/SQL script 0.00
When the query returns "0 RECORDS" or "NULL" re... 0.00
Use ilike any() with escape character -1.58
JSONB subset of array -0.24
Split the date and save the date, month, year in different columns -1.38
Postgres statement for JSON_VALUE +0.26
GROUP_CONCAT() eqivalent in postgres -0.14
While loops with Strings not Integers +0.03
How can I check if one subquery is a subset of another subquery in... -0.47
Extracting data in SQL with newly created column with date and time -0.81
insert into statements,how to be fastly insert records +1.04
Oracle 12c using jsonpath filter 0.00
How to concat variable to other variable in postgresql? 0.00
Transform row wise postgres data to grouped column wise data -2.28
Getting duplicate records after using WITH AS +1.26
How to check overlap date time with specific time SQL 0.00
How can I get a number between two words with REGEXP_SUBSTR? -1.63
runtime plsql throwing table not exist error 0.00
PL/SQL Record not stored in Database (not created) 0.00
SQL Set value for all records within a group 0.00
Postgres: Returning first 3 characters of a JSON property 0.00
How to update from other table in Oracle's sql 0.00
Get PostgreSQL resultset column types without executing query using... -0.65
I am not able to create view in PostgreSQL 0.00
Equate timestamp with day name in a query and get result set w.r.t... -0.65
How to iterate the sql files present in the directory and pass the... -2.52
DB2 command change to Postgres command 0.00
How to define for each table, the maximum value of one field of a l... 0.00
SQL Stored Procedure data type for list of rows -0.55
how to put name difference for daily backup 0.00
Function Doesn't Work: ERROR: syntax error at or near "DEL... 0.00
Postgresql update json data with variables +0.34
Querying in postgres for a range around an integer -1.96
Function to see if column exists 0.00
(Learning Bash) How to run multiple postgresql command from bash file 0.00
Import nested child of JSON file to Postgresql +1.57
How get dynamic query data into CLOB column in Oracle 0.00
how to know the table name of a partition in pg_partition for postg... 0.00
How to correctly define an array of date type in Oracle? 0.00
How to create unique index only for records with today's date? 0.00
Invalid character - dollar sign for input param not decoded 0.00
how to dynamically create an output file for psql -2.11
How to parametrize SQL query, by passing multiple value -0.67
I want to calculate time code block in trigger 0.00
Custom Exception Handling on Select Query +0.34
pl/sql procedure that check 1 month from sysdate +1.24
How to create a folder to save output in Postgresql? 0.00
missing FROM clause entry for table 0.00
Selecting on a condition in window function postgresql -1.16
postgres: How to select that have every value in a range? +1.41