An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1510.16 (67,261st)
1,608 (101,808th)
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Title Δ
Crystal: abstract static method -4.17
Automatically add hidden field to form +4.29
Recommendations for a charting software 0.00
Rails/PaperTrail: approving edits 0.00
Manipulate string in ruby +0.87
How to find corrent name for middle table in many-to-many relations... 0.00
What is the best and easiest setup for enforcing SSL within an enti... 0.00
I am getting an error when using "rake" 0.00
Rack static not working with map 0.00
Using Webhooks with Rails 0.00
Ruby custom sorting returns -1 +1 instead of array -0.50
Turbolinks and css classes applied to html tags +3.98
Rails ajax update, no route matches [POST] -0.13
Select count from one table and join another table based off of one... 0.00
Rails - Which datatype should I use to store an array in a datebase +0.49
Rails getting an error '/' undefined method +2.08
Why is :hover acting on the colored bar and the logo? -3.02
Ruby on rails Access a file from a controller 0.00
How to override a file that is causing trouble in Ruby on Rails Spr... 0.00
How to override/change lay-out of Ruby on Rails spree app after ins... 0.00
Displaying Comment Count in Rails App +3.97
Trouble Accessing Ruby Array and Hash Value +2.29
Backbone collection view url firing twice 0.00
Compiling coffeescript with contracts in Rails 0.00
How to create a Like button in a "display:none" context? 0.00
Facebook “Like” button in AJAX driven page - Firefox bug 0.00
Multiple Photos upload on Facebook 0.00
All factors of a given number 0.00
jQuery - Trigger Popup w/out Click 0.00