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1568.29 (4,258th)
10,805 (13,941st)
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Title Δ
When does a unique_ptr returned by a function (via std::move) go ou... 0.00
prohibit that the returned reference of a function is overridden by... -0.65
list of base class pointers, get different return values for functi... -2.41
Why isn't shared_ptr implicitly converted to boolean when retur... 0.00
Move semantics with std::vector misunderstanding when passing to a... -2.34
Copy event objects through the interface -0.35
C++ why does this construction even works? 0.00
How could use Template Class for a container of container? 0.00
How do you solve the "deep copy of an abstract class" pro... 0.00
does std::move make sense on a stack variable +1.59
Design pattern to limit access to a class's public members in C++ -0.78
fork() 4 children in a loop 0.00
Bad file descriptor error when closing pipe file descriptors after... 0.00
How to use sfinae to exclude types for which a function is defined? -2.07
template or member function selection -1.07
Saving a pointer to heap created in the local area 0.00
Smooth movement of player SFML +0.40
Why incomplete type (forward declared) size calculation cannot be p... +1.48
Creating Command objects at run-time 0.00
Reference collapsing rules not applying as expected? +2.04
Is there a more C++ elegant implementation to complete the function... -0.21
SFML - Sprite is blank after loading from texture 0.00
Why move constructor of member variable is not called? 0.00
When events should be used in SFML? 0.00
How to load a sf::Image from an array of pixels in SFML? 0.00
Forwarding reference for return type 0.00
Waiting for a thread to finish and future -2.33
What is the proper way to use static_assert in a non-instantiation... 0.00
How to stop having a white square when using a sprite vector with S... +1.88
std:find() for sorted vs unsorted +1.61
warning: comparison between 'enum sf::Keyboard::Key' and &#... 0.00
Obtaining a function pointer to a non static member function +0.45
Why doesn't a call to std::map::operator[] compile for a value... 0.00
Avoid copying switch statments +1.54
Using The State Pattern in games +0.40
argument list for class template "std::iterator" is missing +1.50
How that works ! (template<std::size_t Size>) +1.56
Circular queue using STL queue? -1.25
C++ a value of type "SnakeHead(*)()" cannot be used to in... 0.00
How to add functionality from combination of different derived class? -0.10
Initialize texture once for derived classes in sfml 0.00
How to declare a function using assignment operator? +1.48
Question about Bridge Pattern implementation 0.00
Do all C++ operators return something? -0.15
What happens when std::move() is called without assignment 0.00
Why is copy constructor called rather than move constructor? 0.00
Practical use cases for alignof and alignas C++ keywords +0.40
Overridden function does not reflect in the base class, is this a n... -1.95
Does std::move invalidates the raw pointer points to something owne... -0.10
C++ - operator= self assignment checking +2.22