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AGN Gazer

1482.72 (4,484,783rd)
5,560 (29,551st)
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Title Δ
Preserving the WCS information of a FITS file when rebinned +0.02
How to calculate median of a tuple with an even number of entries? +0.45
"Rotate" array ordering with numpy +0.52
Average every several rows in a big numpy array 0.00
Numpy concatenate lists where first column is in range n -0.76
Fill a numpy matrix's certain column with 1 if all columns are 0 -0.46
NumPy loadtxt hash strings in data columns +0.53
Custom convergence criterion in scipy optimise 0.00
Creating an algorithm to solve a problem in python +1.05
Python scipy fsolve to solve a large number of nonlinear equations 0.00
How to modify the sequence(not range) in the for loop? +0.52
Is there a better pythonic way to write this code? +1.71
Trouble writing loop for secant method in python 0.00
using python to calculate Vector Projection 0.00
Is it safe to assume that atan2(0,0) returns 0? -0.84
Multiplying a list of items from a dictionary -0.86
How precise is numpy's sin(x) ? How do I find out? [need it to... +0.70
In C, how do you filter certain characters in a string? 0.00
Python: Centering Features in Numpy Array +0.42
Convenient loop subtraction method in python´╝č +2.25
Given two lists of ints, how can we find the closes number in one l... +0.81
Trouble with csv reading file +1.18
Fastest way to check if a number is divisible by another in python +0.16
Insert elements into numpy array so that the minimum spacing is arb... -1.37
Python Delete Files in Directory from list in Text file +0.55
How to combine str and int variables? +0.03
Trying to learn how bitwise or operator | works for python, and I&#... +0.81
__init__() missing 4 required positional arguments: +0.02
Horner's rule and direct method in python 0.00
Why explicit string conversion is required in .format method in pyt... 0.00
Sum of Squares Program in C with equation z = x^2 + y^2 0.00
Casting to int when generating a random distribution - Python 0.00
Creating random Variables in Python with one third of the array to... -0.65
Filter out elements of a list based on their interrelationship +0.28
find a piece of a string in a list and replace +0.53
Scipy poisson distribution with an upper limit +0.44
Error: Odd-length string (Python 3, making a stream cipher) 0.00
Calculating Euclidean distance using Magic Methods in Python 3 -0.81
Adding Elements of Stacked Array Numpy -0.39
How to detect and remove lines above data set while reading from csv? +1.98
How to create 2D matrix with single line input 0.00
Element-wise boolean multiplication +0.48
Python for loop within function not returning values +0.51
Why can't I write 2 variables at the same time to a file in Pyt... +0.59
How to round away from 0 in Python 3.x? +0.70
Unexpected symmetric test result using (arr.transpose() == arr).all() 0.00
Concise way to declare a numpy matrix -1.39
Creating a 2D matrix in Python from the addition of every combinati... +0.52
Alternatives to using in-place list methods within a list comprehen... -1.35
Is there any way I can make this small piece of code shorter? (Pyth... -0.99