An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1469.13 (4,520,753rd)
3,462 (48,688th)
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Title Δ
SCADA reading from MariaDB: Error in Syntax 0.00
Suitelink Reference Table 0.00
How to remove SeDebugPrivilege privilege from .NET application 0.00
Wonderware System Platform. How to get DateTime from remote PC? 0.00
How can I get a count of files in a directory with scripting on Won... +0.04
Java CashRegister class Total Sales will not add up correctly 0.00
INSERT Query SQL (Error converting data type nvarchar to (null)) -0.21
Using "this" as an argument to a constructor -0.32
How to set bitmap to ARGB_8888 in android? +0.04
If-else irritating? -0.68
how to calculate maximum showable size of an image +0.03
What is O(n) for -1.51
Cannot assign a substring from a file to my array -0.14
Creating a menu statement in Java from text file +0.53
How to multiply using addition +1.04
unreachable code at line 104: youTubePlayerView = (YouTubePlayerVie... -1.11
Read file from url java to android problems +0.25
SQLException: Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed error +0.69
java runtimeExceptio:java.lang.nullPointerException +0.55
PHP newbie, how to send data on new page? -0.44
Set final Rect dimensions at initialization 0.00
Incorrect Location updates with wifi/mobile network but not with GPS 0.00
Integer into Linked List in an array +0.12
The ball not shows in page with SurfaceView. Why? 0.00
In OnCreate Button.getLeft returns 0 0.00
Java - String.format with hyphen 0.00
Convert sentence to variable name syntax -0.35
Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), is_array() returns true +0.53
Drawtext on surfaceview does only work on emulator but not on device +0.54
Battleships Array Bounds Checking +1.17
Beginners Java (Loops) - Missing return statement -0.59
Decimal place not working +1.33
Looping in ArrayLists with a Method -0.56
How do I implement an ArrayList to add "Room" objects to... -0.27
Unreachable code in if-else structure -0.13
Repeating a string in Java - similar to Python's one line simplicity +0.01
Generating objects and putting into arraylist with no duplicates -0.21
Java - ArrayList default inital values +1.67
Java HttpURLConnection dying mysteriously +2.52
Draw text starting from point? 0.00
Display image from an array based on a variable +0.55
How to stop a java program if it is determined it should not run? -0.75
matching { regular expression java -0.14
ArrayList type java to make an array -0.82
Android Web Service connection refused -0.20
determine complexity class +0.23
Saving String Input on Android +0.07
Changing images in a Loop - Android -0.46
How to block the read system call -1.13
Create complex SQL statement - CakePHP 0.00