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Bas Matthee

1492.61 (4,352,085th)
55 (991,035th)
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Title Δ
After updating composer i am getting Call to undefined function Ill... 0.00
Docker / PHP / Apache - File permissions lost when created inside c... -3.94
string to array in php or javascript 0.00
Call function again if array 0.00
Disable mouse wheel scrolling on Google My Maps iframe 0.00
Valueof hidden field is not being set with JavaScript -1.97
XAMPP codeigniter Database Error -0.01
Download-Page with JQuery request -0.03
Is it right to use empty() function for checking an object is null? -1.45
Post content to Facebook Business Page - Timeline from external web... 0.00
IE download incomplete even though it claims success 0.00
Listing geo-places near a user location 0.00
Simple fast 2-way encryption in php 0.00
How can I add custom meta fields in categories? 0.00
Getting jQuery to recognise .change() in IE 0.00