An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Ian Rehwinkel

1501.77 (381,048th)
920 (165,910th)
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Title Δ
Arithmetic overflow warning when trying to allocate memory using new -1.12
Is looping inside class possible? 0.00
Get all command line arguments in python 0.00
Python: Split a string by a word which contains a substring -1.90
Port SecretKeySpec Java code converted to Python27 0.00
Identifying the sequence in a recursive function +1.76
(java.lang.StackOverflowError) how do i solve it? 0.00
what's the different open Picture file python2 and py... 0.00
Creating a class method __str__ 0.00
How can i not count the spaces between my string +3.74
Parsing dyanmic json file into hashmap of object 0.00
Tuple is converting float to string 0.00
Python : How can I search the first 100 fibonacci numbers in pi? 0.00
What does glfwGetWindowUserPointer do? 0.00
Finding the definition of a struct in C +1.74
Java - Getting a list of fields that have a common super class from... 0.00
Make the special character stay in the index java -0.08
the correct use of does not equal in C? -1.92
Flutter get list values to another list -4.04
Set file name with auto-number +1.75
How to encrypt and decrypt file like mp4,pdf and ppt in Android? 0.00
How to extract a substring from a random string? +3.91
JPEG decompression in python3 0.00
PHP social network block feature 0.00
Start Activity from Fragment return Error 0.00
find items inside and include layout 0.00
ClassCastException Error? 0.00
Equivalent of Java's 'public static final string' -4.12
Updating a RecyclerView item when Activity closed 0.00
how to solve the gradle error +0.05
codename one android build fails 0.00
Nested method invocation 0.00
App Keeps Stopping when pressing a button -2.04
Darken edges of an Image in flutter? 0.00
Recognize a figure - Similar to the Magic Touch game 0.00
the build happens to be succesful but the app crashes due to nullpo... 0.00
Button onClick() only matches in mainActivity 0.00
How do I set color with .setBackgroundColor(); with color from valu... +0.93
Problems with returning an array +3.98
Converting only whole number doubles in a string to an int 0.00
convert Random text to image with random noise in java 0.00
Showing input fields based on user choice (select) -1.32
List of subscribers to a YouTube channel 0.00
Unable to install nltk using pip +4.00
How can i get the data from an http link in PHP? -3.54
Admob on Java Desktop app? 0.00
How do I send sensor data from raspberry pi to my computer 0.00
GoogleSignInApi java.lang.RuntimeException: Failure delivering resu... 0.00