An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1577.56 (3,168th)
11,908 (12,377th)
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Title Δ
Adapter Design Pattern with one Adaptee class inheriting the other? 0.00
Does it makes sense to use state pattern with virtual proxies? 0.00
Producer Consumer using wait and notify : Consumer does not receive... +0.38
Spring Boot : Sharing a bean between different components +1.54
ClassCastExceptions while authenticate with Firebase defined in a s... 0.00
Create an instance of the super class using a derived class instance 0.00
Composition over Inheritance(step into Design pattern) 0.00
Cast super class instance returned bya super class method to a subc... +1.00
Java Inner static class thread safety 0.00
Replace switch-case with polymorphism +0.23
How and where to set an OnClickListener listener for two RecyclerVi... -0.43
Working with subclasses that have different method names without vi... +0.77
Inheriting and overriding synchronized methods +1.51
Does a thread need to be in a RUNNABLE state before it can be inter... +0.28
Abstract class with equals method for all subclasses 0.00
Adding functionality to a class using dependency injection -0.61
Design pattern for checking asynchronous task dependencies before e... -0.65
Dynamic dispatch (runtime-polymorphism) with overloaded methods wit... +1.15
Why static methods of Parent Class gets hidden in Child Class? 0.00
Synchronized instance method not working as expected +0.40
How to select which overloaded version of a method to call without... +1.00
Why does an object's type refer to its interface? (Design Patte... -0.11
What is the difference between a Singleton and static factory methods -0.15
Forcing a subclass to provide an initialization method 0.00
Avoid multiple if-else statements in a factory class [language agno... 0.00
Sharing a domain model between different software modules. 0.00
Design pattern for different input parameter type and data extracti... 0.00
Does holding information in a Factory instead of passing it through... +0.39
Unused argument in parent class, that is used in subclass. Bad poli... +0.43
How can any single-threaded program is also a valid multithreaded p... +0.27
When should we use the factory method pattern? (instead of composit... +0.40
Do we need to adhere to the Open-Closed Principle if we have good t... +1.18
What's design pattern does Collections.sort use? +0.89
Is it possible to put my own class into a 3rd party package? -0.87
What is the relationship between Thread.sleep and happens-before? +1.00
Streams : Calculate the difference of totals in one go +0.72
How do you wrap validation for a function within another function? +1.04
Why can race condition in LogWriter cause the producer to block? [C... 0.00
Is dynamic behavior addition the only advantage of using the Decora... 0.00
Too many subclasses while making equipment for character (Role Play... +0.41
Why addLast() not working properly +0.14
Interface methods with variable argument types +2.20
Handle a "NoClassDefFoundError"? 0.00
How to implement IN clause in Java +1.07
Single responsibility principle in API 0.00
Does Lock guarantee a happens-before relationship? 0.00
How to call a base method that is declared as abstract override 0.00
Thread safety when using FlatFileItemReader with a TaskExecutor 0.00
What pattern to use when reusing functions 0.00
Thread safety of enum constants used for connecting to different da... 0.00