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Panos K

1490.85 (4,279,243rd)
531 (257,149th)
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Title Δ
Object name/value array only returning 1 value, instead of 3 +4.15
Get all elements by class name with jsoup 0.00
MapStruct: mapping from object with a list of complex object 0.00
Loop through JSON value and return a different value -0.00
Cannot perform http request with http module nodejs azure function +0.07
Selecting the Value of a td in a table and populating elsewhere usi... +2.32
Angular Checkbox checked if Value is Yes -4.00
how to show $http error status in a table? 0.00
Copy and modify html index file when building with webpack 0.00
Push into the first object inside an array -0.46
Get data from Array in JSON Object -1.81
after clicking on button the data should be filtered between 2 date... 0.00
User list array filtering by containing the tag by RegExp in javasc... -1.33
Order array of object by another array of object in javascript -0.63
How to sort the values of an array according to the value of anothe... +3.08
Javascript updating values of objects inside list +2.75
How to make JS function faster/reduce complexity 0(n)/more efficient +4.02
How to compare rows from JSON file in angular? 0.00
Angularjs: Use the json file based on user selection 0.00
How to inject service in angular js version more then 1.5x in the c... +0.10
Difference between using X.push(?) or X[index] =? +0.07
Split number into 4 random numbers -1.12
AngularJS - Bootstrap Material Datetimepicker not working 0.00
Push to an object in an array 0.00
How to parse an array of string to a Json object? -1.38
How to Push more item to Array values in Hashmap in javascript 0.00
iteration over an object of array -2.03
Change ng-readonly dynamically +0.18
coding Interview about arrays +4.17
lodash pick in nested array -1.97
What is the easiest way to grab this string in javascript +0.18
Angularjs hide row if another row is selected -4.70
How to convert an array like string to array in node.js? +4.76
angularjs scope variable not updating in view 0.00
ng-hide button if name matches in second object -0.90
AngularJs - How to access controller's function and model in di... +0.22
How inject data after every certain count in angularjs -3.77
ES6 and struts 2 dollar sign 0.00
Angularjs how to use one input model to other input +0.12
AngularJS - How to string together multiple input boxes? -1.91
Control if a html element has a class and pass it to a angular prop... 0.00
Negative values should not show in text box +0.03
How to get sidebar that is resizeable and collapsible? +0.11
Need to pass values to my HTML fields 0.00
Return service $http.get response to controller without using $scope 0.00
Automatically update id variable in two controllers using $broadcas... +0.06
How to assign variable "name" attribute to <input>... 0.00
Replace static JSON data with $HTTP request in AngularJS factory +0.10
AngularJS Bootstrap - push row to the next line inside ng-repeat 0.00
Add values from an ng-repeat to a sum +0.14