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Doug T.

1574.02 (3,506th)
48,763 (2,089th)
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Title Δ
solr :cannot delete a document using post -0.65
What is underlying difference between elasticsearch and solr? +0.39
Does the match query return only results base on score? 0.00
ElasticSearch not returning the document with word prefixed or suff... 0.00
Why does my fuzzy_like_this query match in some cases, but not in o... 0.00
Function_score using score_mode inside a bool query as max but work... 0.00
What is Lucene query to search for a wild character string 0.00
Do identical chrome object ids imply the same object in the heap pr... 0.00
Inserting a TermVector into Lucene 0.00
Grunt fails at cdnify with warning: "Warning: Arguments to pat... 0.00
How to change the default rank field from score to other field in s... 0.00
AngularJS using $http with optional data field +1.10
how to mix and match local variables and imported variables in a di... +0.38
Database agnostic way to say I want a column to be UTF-8 in SqlAlch... 0.00
Is it possible to store the alembic connect string outside of alemb... 0.00
Can we have multiple FilterQuery in Solr? 0.00
How to find the average of user inputs -0.60
find the expected indent in this programm +2.42
Add documents ignore existing 0.00
How does this C program to reverse a string using pointers work? -1.38
Working with huge arrays in C++ +0.58
Comparing a char to chars in a list in C++ -0.15
A small yet weird <Segmentation Fault> +0.99
invalid syntax: None, line 4, pos 72 +0.20
Large Number Issues in C++ +0.70
What is the $$ (double dollar sign) used for in angular? 0.00
Angular not updating binding when assigned in promise.then() 0.00
AngularJS $http ajax request is not asynchronous and causes page to... -0.60
Double Pipe in a Switch Case Javascript +1.43
Error: no known conversion for 0.00
AngularJS Custom Directive Two Way Binding +0.67
Python can't connect to open socket on the same network 0.00
repeat do while loop if switch statement reaches default +0.79
What went wrong in below code? -0.16
Why does my asignment operator not work on self assignments? +0.40
vector of vector initiallization -0.69
Angular UI Typeahead with $http.get 0.00
Macro definition for memset function in C on Mac OS X +2.04
For Loop- Multiple times C -0.41
how to store a complex object in redis (using redis-py) 0.00
What's the point of iterators? +0.81
Is this a bug in Python inheritance? +1.72
Is `std::vector<primitive>::clear()` a constant time operation? -0.21
Python 3.x: Object Not Accepting Definition? +0.36
Is this a good practice to rename and reinclude std::unique_ptr? +0.45
Properties of a string class in C++ -0.59
C++ Assert Macro that report failure value +1.41
Mahout: Running grouplens example gives ClassNotFound exception 0.00
Python raise Error proper use -1.49
Is it safe to have a std::array of dynamic object? +2.93