An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Johnathan Barclay

1581.11 (2,926th)
287 (418,047th)
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Title Δ
c# linq filter group by max composite key -0.37
c# async await strange warning CS1998: This async method lacks '... +2.04
Inserting the first value of a key-value pair, when the value is a... +1.63
How not to block UI 0.00
Iterate through several field strings 0.00
How to mock Server Variables using NSubstitute 0.00
If statement inside If statement condition -0.81
Generating random number between two numbers and ignoring numbers f... +0.39
Return Type from Task<Type> in ASP.NET CORE Controllers 0.00
How parameter by reference/value works in C# +0.17
Builder Pattern using Inheritance -0.91
How can I find the book with the highest price written after 2000? +0.86
Better coin toss with a draw? 0.00
How to remove nested(child) items in List<> using Linq? 0.00
Blazor, Httpclient, sync and async WebApi calls -0.23
Find Specific Text and coresponding email id from a middle of a str... +0.31
UI is blocking with async await methods +0.40
C# saving list of strings to a file saves with blank line between e... -0.61
Querying a deep child object with a certain property, but returning... 0.00
How to find items in sequence and group them? 0.00
Remove duplicate items from second list 0.00
C# 7.0 standalone discard confusion | difference between _ = FooTas... 0.00
Take next item from list while iterating with another list +1.61
c# how to sort nested collections -0.37
How to count the number of words in each line of an array of string... +1.07
Problem with how to calculate sum of integers from file -0.14
c# asynchronous invoke of generic delegates +2.68
Get a custom attribute from a property with strong typing 0.00
C# order string array by other string array but length will differ +0.40
c# generic list subtype operations not working 0.00
How to set up constructors for deserialization of Get only properti... +0.69
Why types are not inferred from type constraints in C#? 0.00
Dependency injection class that is resolved by async provider 0.00
C# create a new instance with ctor args using a Dictionary and Func -0.92
Find Specific Text from a middle of a string and store it into data... +0.40
Check object and it's property for null with discard "_&qu... 0.00
How do to asynchronous I/O bound work correctly -1.96
Is there a way to shorten repetitive math -2.41
How to do a performant iteration over 2 lists in the context of the... 0.00
C# Async function - using WhenAll function and await word together 0.00
Determine if dictionary contains key based on a property of that key? 0.00
Get list items by checking priority of another list using linq 0.00
How do you refactor C# code that returns a List<T>? 0.00
C# Constructors Ambiguity with explicit call - Error CS0012 +1.40
How to Pass a Func<string, string> to a function that takes a... +1.71
Unable to Map List collection Of One Class to another Class Model 0.00
C# Getting the sum of nested values of a nested dictionary +1.58
How can I insert values into a multi-layer Dictionary in C#? +1.63
How to register a dependency injection with a class which takes con... -2.19
Wrap Function / Avoid repeating coid 0.00