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Ivaylo Strandjev

1566.63 (4,407th)
57,418 (1,655th)
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Title Δ
How many neurons are required in convolution layer of CNN? 0.00
How to generate a series using While loop 0.00
Program Last Digit of a Large Fibonacci Number for n-th Fibonacci n... -0.10
Recursive python matching algorithm based on subsets working too sl... -0.60
if condition is not working properly in a program where i have spec... 0.00
The null character at the end of string literal +0.01
Splitting words in a list -0.69
Bubble Sorting In C : garbage value error +1.59
Linux Hash Values 0.00
How to store a list (coordinates) and boolean as key value pair 0.00
__init__() missing 1 required positional argument: 'receiver... +0.40
Use referenced module's variables +1.90
Making a new list that returns the minimum value digits' positi... -0.11
When replacing value in a string array I get an array when using &q... -0.09
machine learning in python with scikit-learn 0.00
Python Extract a decimal number before a specific substring -0.36
Parse list of json string in python +0.40
Trying to push an unknown number of strings into a vector, but my c... -1.31
Extract specific word from the string using Python -0.45
What exactly is timestep in an LSTM Model? 0.00
How does this printf trick works +0.40
negative numbers in Binary Tree 0.00
Coming up with a linear time solution for the following problem 0.00
C - Error in Comparing Variable of Struct and String 0.00
How can I walk through this recursive binary tree problem? -0.44
How can I update to the latest Python version using conda? -0.11
(Python) Turning items in a list into lists +0.41
Python: use parent class instance variable to set child instance va... 0.00
How to print whole sparse matrix? 0.00
Printing all possible combinations of elements in an array 0.00
Destruction of Instance Surrounded by Parentheses -1.40
How to print the Key for particular value in python dictionary if m... +1.23
Not able to manipulate object values in a vector in another class 0.00
Which Sorting technique is below code? 0.00
Python create multi-dimensional dictionary using list comprehensions +1.89
C++ Weird behavior with String comparison -0.97
Finding Time and Space Complexity Of Recursive Functions 0.00
Replace a substring in a list of str only when the substring is alo... +1.84
Sorting an array - C language 0.00
Why cannot I not do the string formatting at the start of a variabl... -1.25
Free memory in another function -0.24
DAG shortest path with weight on vertex/node in Java 0.00
How to output a "\" to a file without using it as a line... +2.12
How to train a machine to label individual words in a text 0.00
Count number of Divisors for all the numbers till N +0.45
BST O(NLogN) build proof 0.00
Creating flat list from single float or list of floats +0.29
There is an error in this program. Please can anyone identify it? T... 0.00
Binary Search Tree does not recognize values properly -0.97
what is f1-score and what its value indicates? -0.57