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Jeremy Ruten

1585.40 (2,606th)
131,300 (477th)
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Title Δ
Having an 'Undefined Method' error in my Ruby on Rails Code 0.00
How to explain the disparity between performance of these ruby code? 0.00
Array gets garbage value when i try function overloading -0.13
Rails - Query time shifts +0.38
Usage of dollar sign in putStrLn function 0.00
bash: ruby: command not found -- Other solutions only temporarily fix 0.00
/Lesson1.rb:24:in `initialize': wrong number of arguments (2 fo... 0.00
Unable to run LodePNG examples 0.00
Solution to collect in ruby modifying original data? 0.00
Rails best design pattern: Marking a course as complete? 0.00
Generating unique ID's for types at compile time -0.46
Check which characters exist in string (Ruby) +0.00
What's the best practice for creating instances of a struct? 0.00
How to fail in struct creation? 0.00
Check if a string contains any substrings from an array +1.91
Why isn't my Ruby frequency hash adding values? -0.12
A loop works one iteration less than it should +0.38
What is segmentation fault (core dumped) mean? 0.00
Caesar Cypher removing spaces +1.17
writing a string of a given amount of bytes regardless of the conte... 0.00
Dynamically Create String in Ruby -0.94
I can't see how log2 + log3 + log4 = log(n!) 0.00
What's the Ruby equivalent of map() for strings? +0.73
interpreting a laconic ruby 'nil' error 0.00
What does the Ruby each method consist of? -0.49
How to find files in ruby which were edited in some time interval? -0.30
Infinite loop and strange characters with EOF -0.18
ActionView::MissingTemplate in Users#show -0.63
Why does gets return zero in Ruby 0.00
first row only from multiple rows - form -0.68
How do I dynamically create subclasses that are also in a namespace? 0.00
raw_input is returning the same thing every time? 0.00
Backbonejs Search Collection with Model with Object default 0.00
(0.3)^3 == (0.3)*(0.3)*(0.3) returns false in matlab? +0.77
Using Eval to perform if comparison of strings in PHP +1.22
Using multiple parameters in Ruby -0.63
belongs_to and has_many of the same items +0.39
What does = and the % part of %h2 in a template mean? 0.00
Array Looping and Unset 0.00
Timecodes in Rails - time or numeric values? 0.00
Ruby module variable accessor not working as expected 0.00
Why is PHP_INT_MAX so small? +0.90
Ruby: how to get at meridian in Time objects? +0.13
Is a bitwise Access Control List considered an Anti-pattern? -1.19
String.replaceAll Strange Behaviour -1.27
Why do PHP's built in functions use constants instead of just strin... -2.06
Creating new models not possible -0.62
Generate all combinations for pair of bits set to 1? -1.07
how do i print the element of an array without brackets or quotes? -0.64
scope rules in C -1.14