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1424.81 (4,190,799th)
1,519 (106,879th)
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Title Δ
Form validation, count min and max of string in javascript +0.57
How Can I Get The Value Of A Textfield From Database In Update Form 0.00
Switch treating integer as 'truthy' value -2.60
How to disable CodeIgniter routes for certain directory? +0.63
Why is PHP mailer printing mimeheader to screen after send? 0.00
Address and Coordinates not displaying in Mysql database -3.22
Can you add a prefix to controller file names in Codeigniter? -1.35
Load new panel.Panel when click on items in tree.Panel 0.00
Remove parameter from link -2.00
need to modify src in youtube iframe 0.00
Get a single word before or after another word -3.25
simplexml_load_file return empty object for alexa rank 0.00
How to start http connection, only after the window display? 0.00
solution different using a for loop with two increments php -1.37
searchbar style property issue in JavaScript -0.53
remove and update array -0.63
How to access a JavaScript function parameter in another function +0.45
In PHP & MySql programming how to executive more then 3 queries... +4.90
replace all img tag with anchor tag 0.00
Live search using Codeigniter Mysql 0.00
How to get JSON response from PHP into store on form submission in... +0.55
Strange behavior ob_start. Kohana 0.00
Custom response header in PHP/Codeigniter 0.00
How to check that an XML file is good before running simplexml_load... -3.01
mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource BUT it is not f... 0.00
How to sort files from directory in a array in php -3.04
Regular expression not working -2.47
regarding regexp in PHP +4.55
PHP : Function argument must be an Object with dynamic class name -0.62
php - regex - how to parse the text within two different tags 0.00
Convert eregi to preg_match and ereg_replace to preg_replace 0.00
how to make a total data insert a table? -3.19
How to use randomize links using php -1.69
getting emails out of string - regex syntax + preg_match_all +4.62
How can I sort an array by a key in PHP? -1.83
PHP: strpos & substr with UTF-8 -1.96
Is there a ftp_rawlist() alternative to avoid memory problems? 0.00
Restate parent variable PHP -2.70
require_once with subfolders +3.87
Alternative to eregi() in php 0.00
!isset vs == null PHP, Singleton Class -2.65
Add up all int() values from a PHP array -2.36
When I enable the Codeigniter cache, the tank auth is disabled. Why? +0.57
Place if statement in echo -0.70
Multiple $_GET Functions don't work -0.45
Accessing a variable from a function inside a function? -3.80
Get the URL including fragment using PHP or JavaScript +0.05
why I am not able to get access token? +0.58
PHP Regex Make leading zero a mandatory -3.72
Regular expression to convert/normalize multiline string to single... +4.49