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Tien Nguyen Ngoc

1495.48 (4,256,489th)
1,455 (112,073rd)
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Title Δ
No rows found, C# using OleDB -0.49
Sql Server Pivot Rows Into Columns with NULL Values As Column wtih... 0.00
excel - nested if condition formatting -1.68
SQL query for finding records where dont have certain value +0.72
How to correctly write this "simple" T-SQL query -1.82
this query taking long time to execute in sql server manegment stud... 0.00
Error Having From using Inner Join Query while connecting 3 three t... -1.28
Cross join on a group based on the condition in SQL Server +1.60
Using case statement getting error as incorrect syntax +0.49
Return non-numeric characters +2.33
Send Input Data on Ajax Call and process in php file -0.88
Substitute/Alternative for UNION with single JOIN Select Statement +0.00
Need a query to select a new field that is 5 from the current field 0.00
SQL Query Comparison Processing Efficiency, Any Better Solution? -0.24
Aggregation and duplicated line with a left join T-SQL -0.35
Microsoft Excel cannot access the file “…”. There are several possi... 0.00
sequence Rank in query -0.34
SQL SELECT WHERE column has all delimited strings +1.49
sql query get total value -0.20
Output values inside class object -0.17
Grand Total In Shopping Cart using Javascript only 0.00
when i enter value greater than 15 in textbox calculation is not wo... 0.00
Clone a form according to select value 0.00
How to get rows In each Group with minimum order group and special... +1.24
The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint usi... -0.24
LIKE expression does not work a query in C# -0.25
SQL select return 0 if no records found, else return value +0.92
How to change date format in select query while retrieving data fro... -0.11
Put Datetime picker(Bootstrap) in my header 0.00
C# Currency Converter: Reduce the amount of if statements +0.35
While compiling the program, I am getting ArrayIndexOutOfBound exce... +0.00
How to catch image url using c# +2.17
If Control is Radiobutton or Textbox +0.51
c#- How can i show data in datagridview follow the field of database +0.51
MySQL SUM minus SUM and join +2.78
split one column to multiple column and insert into another table i... 0.00
Get element by tag name with -0.47
Get only first occurence when using querySelector() function -0.54
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBo... 0.00
Cell with Datagridviewcombobox column displays the ValueMember inst... -1.87
Same query, same DB, different execution plans & dramatically d... -2.02
Delete Item in Javascript -0.36
how to write sql query to select rows with max value in one column -0.27
SQL Server Pivot Sum Data +1.40
Error in set list in UPDATE clause. Unable to parse query text -0.49
How to concatenate year Month name day in sql server -0.10
If no tr, hide table -0.65
list integers,for each index find the product of every integer exce... +0.09
How to select the value in select box from ajax return +1.82
Return value at max date for a particular id with null as maximum v... 0.00