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StoryTeller - Unslander Monica

1807.58 (6th)
118,523 (554th)
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Title Δ
using methods with parameter(s) in void_t for SFINAE 0.00
checking type of attribute with concepts 0.00
Assigning an int value to enum and vice versa in C++ 0.00
Breaking of ODR inside one TU? 0.00
Why is volatile int convertible to int but volatile T is not conver... +0.98
Is it valid to pass the address of a non-array variable to a functi... +0.28
Template instantiation of templated class constructor +1.65
Why does an unnamed struct inline variable not have the same addres... 0.00
Do all C++ operators return something? -0.25
Why does std::lerp not work with any type that has implemented requ... +0.59
why can enum class values of type int not be used as int +0.36
c++ cannot use same class as private base 0.00
What is expr[{ ... }] for? 0.00
Constant function when its parameter is a reference to literal type 0.00
g++10's feature testing fails on __cpp_lib_span 0.00
What's the real difference between "constinit" and &q... 0.00
Mistake on using pointers-to-members in Clang 0.00
How to delete a overload function from overload resolution? 0.00
Don't use static cast for arithmetic conversions (cpp-core-guid... +0.15
Is `extern` required to make an inline function definition external... -0.85
Statically distinguish between an enum and an enum class in C++? 0.00
Use universal reference for operator= instead of multiple overloads 0.00
Replacing std::greater and others +0.54
What does the standard say about this pointer-to-member-function ty... 0.00
c++: how to access variables in the same namespace but defined in a... +0.14
c++ When/Why are variables captured by value constructed/destroyed +0.77
OSX clang++: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 for explicit... +0.14
Difference between sibling namespaces in nested vs global context -1.06
Making (virtual) functions made innaccessible in intermediate base... 0.00
Is there any practical reason to check if something is destructible... -3.01
(Why) can we assign non-static class members to static variables in... -1.70
What makes some named Functions/Operators special? 0.00
Why does 'typeid(x) == typeid(y)' evaluate to true, where &... +0.70
How to deduce nesting class template type from typedef composition? 0.00
Error in C++17 fold expression to calculate factorial 0.00
In a class, what is `using Base::BaseOfBase;` supposed to do? 0.00
What is the special status of the value 0 in c++? -2.35
Can a lvalue-ref-qualified function be used directly in a rvalue-re... 0.00
Pointer to member function or to static function in template context +0.56
Using void (*)() pointers for other functions -1.08
I can't find a quote in [class.copy.elision] confirming that th... 0.00
How to call the value of a function-pointer member of a nested clas... 0.00
Why does malloc(0) cause a major memory leak on Windows? +0.81
SFINAE inside concept template argument 0.00
c++ iterator of any container with specific value type using concepts +0.47
using "multiple"namespaces one-liner +0.84
Why does const have to be added to constexpr for a string literal d... +0.82
Is calculating address difference undefined behaviour? +1.07
Why does the C struct hack not work for C++ template declarations? -1.18
Is typedef allowed before definition +0.75