An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1761.29 (25th)
6,590 (12,579th)
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Title Δ
What optimization benefit does `pointer[restrict static 1]` bring w... +0.80
Pertinence of void pointers +0.67
initializing structure using macros 0.00
Count number of variadic arguments in macro function +0.81
How to use goto statement in lambda expression C++ +0.84
Template with auto-type return deduction +1.35
Undefined reference error in overriding virtual functions in c++ 0.00
Multiple statements in a ranged for loop -2.64
How to clone class with vector of unique_ptr to base class +0.19
Function Template Specialization with Forward Declared Type 0.00
template deduction failed in vector +0.93
Buffer is accessed out of bounds in cppcheck +0.91
Is it necessary to overload operator in this specific case -0.66
How do you explicitly instantiate variadic template functions? C++ 0.00
Is it good practice to #include in the middle of a file? 0.00
OK to use these two parameters each independently, but fail to have... 0.00
Why does c++'s namespace scope also include file scope(in c)? +1.17
No matching function for call to object of type 'const std::__1... 0.00
Does the standard consider non-template members of template classes... 0.00
C++ catch exception in a loop and rethrow _after_ the loop finishes? 0.00
General action to initialize a native datatype to "zero" 0.00
Can one declare a constructor using a typeded or typename as in Mic... 0.00
How to emplace derived object into map 0.00
Does -Werror interfere with template correctness and/or SFINAE? -2.19
Is it possible to catch an exception of lambda type? +0.74
Multiple implementation caused by rvalue parameter 0.00
C: generic term for struct, union and enum? +0.57
Is a lambda in a default template parameter considered part of the... 0.00
Construct std::array and initialize element objects via code -2.32
Dot initialization struct after malloc 0.00
Is pointer to struct a pointer to its first member? +0.66
How come we can return references to member variables of a class +0.94
static_assert used in expression which is used in SFINAE context 0.00
How to deal with `init()` member function inside constructor and wi... +1.04
Constructor chaining not using default values of class members? 0.00
sizeof in static const member initialization +0.72
Perfect forwarding in constructors (C++17) +1.71
c++ Dynamic cast with nested polymorphic template +1.06
Does an overloaded bitwise-or operator ('|') have a well-de... 0.00
C++ How to make std::function<bool()> to return a boolean value -1.54
Translate exception from one type to another +0.62
Struggling with Boost.Mp11: "expected a class template, got &#... +0.23
How to assign value to the unique_ptr after declaring it? -0.31
The asterisk is not a character constant? +0.20
if inside a while loop causing trouble 0.00
c++ type alias not working when testing specialization 0.00
Cannot convert from std::shared_ptr<_Ty> to std::shared_ptr&l... -0.97
An invalid preprocessing token 0.00
Why am I limited to an arbitrary small ( array size when initializi... 0.00
Include Guards in C -1.88