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StoryTeller - Unslander Monica

1808.29 (6th)
118,523 (554th)
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Title Δ
Why elements of std::initializer_list have to be copied? 0.00
Is it allowed to use decltype in an initializer for the variable th... 0.00
Structural binding and type of variables 0.00
Why "incomplete type error" in C++ do not hold for nested... 0.00
Use reference template arguments in inner class +1.70
Simplify template has_field with C++17/20 +0.15
Is it legal to omit template type arguments when instantiating a fu... 0.00
Is this a GCC bug like claims? 0.00
How to force a template parameter to be an enum or enum class? 0.00
weak_ptr obtained from weak_from_this() is invalid 0.00
c++ override virtual function with const parameter instead of non-c... +1.27
Why does {} as function argument not lead to ambiguity? 0.00
C++ partial class template specialization over multiple parameters 0.00
RAII and members if constructor throws? +0.04
LValue ref qualified member function being called on an RValue object 0.00
Which way to overload the operator more efficiently and why? +0.82
C++ decltype and parentheses - why? +0.13
Problem with requires clause inside if constexpr 0.00
Undefined reference to C Macro, but gets redefined error when I def... 0.00
Variable definition to boolean value conversion in C++ -0.30
How to transform template to template pre C++11 -2.23
Is it possible to have a non-friend function which can only be foun... +0.72
Make lambda non-copyable/non-movable 0.00
Clang doesn't compile code but gcc and msvc compiled it 0.00
How to pass a function with arguments and stop_condition in jthread? 0.00
How to set all the bits in a char array to zeros? +0.81
Why is typename necessary in return type? C++ +0.94
Overloading a function using templates -0.53
Calling shared_ptr object method +0.41
How to invoke default template functional argument in C++? +0.80
"Inverse SFINAE" to avoid ambiguous overload +1.46
templates, function uses wrong constructor to copy my object 0.00
Identical bases conflict in multiple empty member optimization -1.36
Does it change anything to write one semicolon or more at the end o... +0.65
Expand a tuple TYPE into a variadic template? -2.55
"Entities with the same name defined in an outer scope are hid... 0.00
Example of rvalue reference collapsing with "&& &&... 0.00
Copy constructor implicit conversion problem 0.00
Automatic type deduction using is_same_v +0.75
C++ final class and slicing idiom 0.00
What standard says about anonymous namespace and internal linkage? 0.00
Is this a bug in g++ or clang++ +0.75
Const overload unexpectedly called in gcc. Compiler bug or compatib... +0.15
Is jumping over a variable initialization ill-formed or does it cau... +0.15
virtual inheritance base constructor elimination +0.15
Parameter pack inside noexcept specifier 0.00
Why doesn't std::make_shared fail to compile for type with dele... 0.00
No diagnostic for pack expansion in std::index_sequence +0.65
Must I explicitly show the types in the parameter pack when instant... 0.00
What is the const-ness of dynamic cast of a pointer-type class member 0.00