An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1762.69 (25th)
101,386 (663rd)
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Title Δ
C++ macros and namespaces +2.07
python concat before -0.47
Python: How to get attribute of attribute of an object with getattr? +0.54
operator keyword in c++ -2.36
Writing a function to print a string stored in an array -0.22
Duplicate element in python list +0.60
binary tree: user decides whether it should be a number tree or a w... +0.93
random from previous choice in python +0.79
python - find index postion in list based of partial string +0.42
wcin gets wrong character input? +0.42
Problems with pointers in C. The same pointer for different things 0.00
adding nodes into singly-linked list -0.87
Simple C Program dividing a number -0.04
Can i leave the variables in struct undefined in c++? -0.62
Why doesn't fscanf scan the integer at the end of the line? 0.00
Reading certain paragraphs out of text file in Python? 0.00
Using-block in C +1.24
C - fread() to buffer index +0.29
Head is undefined when trying to create a linked list +1.51
How to prove that a function for freeing a linked list is badly wri... -1.08
How can I declare a constant data member but not initialize it unti... +0.64
How to sum the following list? +1.41
invalid use of incomplete type 'PGconn {aka struct pg_conn}' +0.30
char * vs char[] +0.51
Python, if statement and float -0.80
What is the speed difference between Python's set() and set([])? -1.32
C++ Replace string to char[] 0.00
c++ convert string into void pointer -0.71
Issue with namespace in c++ '<type error> is not a namespace' -2.49
4 lists into a list of tuples 0.00
How to input a string in a 2d array in C? -1.64
Big O of this sorting algorithm +0.14
Printing partial char arrays...with a twist +0.18
C++: Extracting value from linked list -0.13
C puzzle — pointers -2.53
How come std::cout works fine for [] = "12345" but not fo... -0.87
C sscanf and string format -1.02
what is the cause of this error: Structure required on left side of... +2.45
A function that equals two arrays using pointers -1.44
Invoking a copy constructor in C++ -0.84
Simple for-loop and print -0.07
How to take a line of string in C 0.00
Binary search of string array in C +0.41
install boost on windows with codeblocks 0.00
Memory allocation areas in C++ (Stack vs heap vs Static) -2.24
confused with friend function -1.79
Implementing a C++ hashtable class using template +2.10
Subclass Overwrite c++ +0.71
How to get an item from a void pointer to array when I know each el... +0.50
When two-dimensional array and multidimensional array as function p... +3.52