An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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StoryTeller - Unslander Monica

1808.29 (6th)
118,523 (554th)
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Title Δ
How to store template object in map +0.07
"cout" fails to work with Chinese characters +0.51
Linked list syntax +3.40
dev-c++ compiler error no matching function +0.24
Changing behaviour of a function according to other functions being... 0.00
Function that takes int and converts to array inserts values backwa... +1.41
Analogy to "cast from/to void" in std::shared_ptr -3.65
Early binding in final methods +4.16
Why do I need extern? 0.00
Inheritance - C++ -0.78
Two-dimensional array initialization +1.13
Returning an address of local variable behaviour +3.68
Python: Convert a nested list of tuples of lists into a dictionary? -1.25
overloaded < operator gives "no matching function for call&... +1.53
Including Boost libraries into standard MinGW path -4.05
C++ Pointer access similar to assembly +2.30
multiple definition of a const int -3.09
Reading a string from a file in C++ -3.12
throw-expressions in ternary operator 0.00
Error: could not deduce template argument -2.97
How to not accidentally override a method in python? -2.92
Python xml string manipulaton - adding tags 0.00
In Ruby, what does the symbol "=>" mean in a method's... -3.41
Bit manipulation C source in Java +3.19
pass variable into main method java -0.25
How do you access a class? +0.13
How to automatically add target="_blank" to external link... -3.45