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1576.32 (3,226th)
55,240 (1,749th)
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Title Δ
Why is the type of boost::hana::tuple_c implementation-defined? +0.20
stl containers as template parameter +2.15
Calling a generic lambda in boost::mpl::for_each() 0.00
Member function of derived class does not care about template argum... +0.37
Using double arrays to find the mode? 0.00
place utility routines be in the same namespace as the types it uses? -2.06
Problems overloading operator== of template sub class 0.00
Should I always deal with reference returning vector? 0.00
std::function and error: no matching function for call to +1.16
Refactoring tag dispatching structure 0.00
Why can g++ 5.4 not compile this compile-time prime number code? 0.00
Put together template specializations -0.63
Are member-initialization lists really more efficient? +0.76
something confusing about class template partial specialization &am... 0.00
Reversing range-based for loop on a custom container class +1.12
Call to constexpr function accepting an array fails to compile -2.09
C++ Simple circular reference and forward declaration issue +0.39
Why couldn't deduce const& template parameter? 0.00
How to insert a range of elements in a set in C++? 0.00
Unsafe, `noexcept` and no-overhead way of accessing `std::variant` +0.38
Prevent implicit template instantiation -0.06
Should I expect to see the counter in `for` loop changed inside its... -0.26
Handling large volume of boost unit test related warnings with clan... 0.00
Spirit-X3 parsers stored in variable template specializations not w... 0.00
Division with negative dividend, but rounded towards negative infin... -0.56
Error in template function with iterators 0.00
C++ Putting a string into a structure of vectors of strings +1.17
CppUTest Unit Testing Framework Multiple Definition Exception 0.00
Using the value that any_of finds to use in a return outside lambda -2.13
Why does priority_queue in STL not follow strict weak ordering? 0.00
Access of member functions in C++ inheritance +0.06
Can a template template be specialized for fundamental types like r... -2.17
Name lookup differences between g++ and MSVS +1.61
Lambdas dont implicity convert when using in class constructors 0.00
Creating custom legend in bar chart with multiple color palettes 0.00
How to create custom color palette to be used by scale_fill_manual() 0.00
How to conditionally add a function to a class template? +1.26
How the new range-based for loop in C++17 helps Ranges TS? -0.39
Why is a public const method not called when the non-const one is p... +1.52
C++ template type deduction from arguments of a function pointer 0.00
Time complexity with log in loop +0.38
gcc fails to compile generic lambda with this capture +0.38
Matching a sequence of two integers into an `std::pair<int, int&... 0.00
Why adding `const` makes the universal reference as rvalue 0.00
Re-defining std::hash template struct 0.00
Accessing a vector iterator by index? -0.77
Implementing selection sort on a singly linked list -1.61
How to use this iterator properly? -0.60
remove_if last character from a string -0.42
Drawing a function in R -0.83