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1443.65 (4,407,019th)
12,592 (11,591st)
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Title Δ
Can you construct a deterministic infinite RNG with just a few know... 0.00
get 10 random ids every single time from my database 0.00
Best way to generate U(1,5) from U(1,3)? 0.00
Number Splitting of integers 0.00
RAND() not consistently generating the right length value 0.00
Get number of an index of an infinite number 1121231234...n 0.00
Field Level Encryption of Data jpa 0.00
How will i make a decrypt function from encrypt function in c++? 0.00
Question About ECB,CBC,CFB,CTR usage and where 0.00
Randomly select n elements from Array 0.00
Will checking if the number is even (of course > 2) before check... 0.00
Decoding Caesar Cipher with Bruteforce 0.00
How to generate unique hexadecimal string up to specify characters... 0.00
Encrypt / Decrypt an array into a single number 0.00
Generating all numbers from a specific set with at least N unique d... 0.00
Fastest and most compact way to get the smallest number that is div... 0.00
Generate random numbers only with specific digits 0.00
Fastest way to find prime in intervals 0.00
How can I made a data encryption method? (SHA256, Base64, etc.) 0.00
How do I create a random number based on a seed without using rando... -0.64
Is there a way to decrypt a string with 2 different salt keys to ge... 0.00
How to lightly shuffle a list in python -0.91
How to convert a string into GUID and vice versa -0.47
How can generate 20 random numbers between 1 and 100. Show factors... 0.00
How to make loops iterate faster? +2.09
Why isn't my python solution for a Project Euler problem working? +0.08
Sequential select from list 0.00
Is generating random numbers from hardware performance cryptographi... +2.81
Generating distinct random numbers efficiently 0.00
Generate list of 3 numbers with a maximum of 2 duplicates -1.14
Sequence of binary input file for NIST 0.00
CryptoJS getting Sha256 hash as UTF-8 string 0.00
Generating unique id for a given list/set/array of unique numbers +0.38
A program to find out if a word is palindrome -0.17
Is there an efficient way to generate N random integers in a range... +0.56
Better way to find all the prime factors of huge integers in C? 0.00
Uniformly distributed bit sequence -1.64
How to randomly generate integers between 0 to 3 without making the... -0.43
How to handle a large input in an integer square-root method? 0.00
Rot18, encrypt and decrypt (python, Sublime Text) +0.44
Find a seed that creates a specific number sequence with random.cho... +0.08
Random triplet number generator 0.00
I have made a function that encrypt a password, how can I reverse i... +0.33
C# System.Security.Cryptography - Exception thrown when decrypting... 0.00
Print Prime factor in definite pattern -0.61
How can I avoid code duplication in C# while and do-while loops? -0.51
Optimal Algorithm to find Anagrams of a string in another string -0.39
Is the amount of bytes in a Unicode character always 1-4, or can it... 0.00
How could we count the elements inside a doubly linked list (circul... -0.97
How to find all pairs in an array such that the sum of the pair equ... 0.00