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Ralf Kleberhoff

1494.13 (4,304,081st)
3,845 (43,633rd)
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Title Δ
How can i draw something only once in Java using Graphics 0.00
Why are ANSI color escape codes not working 0.00
Method overloading alternatives java +0.50
Round according to nearest decimal value - java -0.23
UTF-8 text in jar file 0.00
Improving the complexity of Brocard's problem? 0.00
Java: object construction/initialization can be deferred? +3.28
What is the Ascii value that needs to be subtracted from char in my... -0.48
Unchecked conversion warning with generic type in IntelliJ -0.34
How can I make SwingUtilities.invokeLater execute tasks faster? +1.83
Throw Exception - with detalization: which cell contains incorrect... -1.33
java stream and overload a method 0.00
How to synchronize a code based on condition in Java 0.00
How can I solve this problem with recursion in Java? +0.28
Java Interface does not take into consideration method implementati... -0.22
Parallelized Matrix Multiplication 0.00
Would creating a recoverable error interface be more effecient than... 0.00
Should you always explicitly provide encoding in Java when converti... 0.00
Creating instances of class using decorator design principle based... -0.83
Flat JSON array into structured form in JAVA 0.00
required type T, Provided Object +0.89
Input and output, method call and stack frame 0.00
In java, is it bad practice to use Runtime Exception as a super &qu... +0.50
Best Practice for transfering database exception info to client -0.05
Translate UTF-8 character encoding function from PHP to Java +0.01
Pattern for obtaining an element from a Set +0.39
Java Should only encode the characters that are... 0.00
Java Method returns wrong value after left and right arithmetic bit... -1.66
Geospatial query using GeoHash 0.00
I don't understand this Java while loop +0.50
Calling parent method using child class object in Java +0.02
Should generic or specialized exceptions be thrown in the JNI inter... 0.00
Fix for Cognitive Complexity for multiple if else conditions in Java +2.11
Cast the elements while inserting into a map in java 0.00
Biggest amount in USD (double) that can accurately be converted to... +0.38
Save txt-file in Java with the right charset to get the €-sign +0.01
Java - Extend class with enum -0.18
Improving performance of long-running tasks -0.00
Why is my variable changing when its getter is called? 0.00
Why cannot assign a subtype value to a generic type? +0.51
Why does casting an enum to any interface not cause a compilation e... 0.00
Can anyone explain me how to overcome TLE error in Java. I'm ge... +0.52
Java ArrayList thread unsafe example explanation +1.59
how to convert integer to hex signed 2's complement: -1.31
If objects of same class are identical -0.70
For a for loop bounded from 1 to n^2, and i doubling each time, how... -1.05
Casting in Java - what does (Parent) this mean? -0.35
Java Datatypes - Hacker Rank -2.12
Multiplying matrices by threads in java 0.00
Convent dominant color to color name 0.00