An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1489.77 (4,248,394th)
1,668 (98,321st)
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Title Δ
System.String in UWP 0.00
UWP App Compilation Error PRI175 with 0xdef00071 0.00
How to hide a div and replace it with another div in reactjs? -1.25
Powershell Copy Recursive Creates a n Data folder +0.13
Wait to zip files before deleting them +0.42
Powershell Copy-Item - Exclude only if the file exists in destination -0.08
how to include a folders containing images to product.wxs file in w... 0.00
How to copy output of referenced project in Visual Studio +4.55
Download TFS Changeset files using batch files 0.00
msbuild Wix toolset 3.7 source code in VS2012 0.00
Can I build 32-bit and 64-bit MSI in one Visual Studio build? +4.32
How does SVN keep track of which repository a folder is commited to? -3.70
NuGet Package missing error when trying to use TFS Servcice 0.00
Getting teamcity to run unit tests using typemock -3.94
How to modify the output path in the PreBuildEvent or BeforeBuild 0.00
Team Foundation Service build fails on NuGet package restore -3.94
How can more than one builds share a workspace +0.57
Programmatic project build fails due to third-party build task 0.00
Dealing with TFS branches in TeamCity 0.00
Listing contents of a directory using msbuild 0.00
MSBuild: How can I check are the files existing? 0.00
Build fails in teamcity for Nuget packages +5.94
MSBuild.Community.Tasks.Unzip fails on content file with 0 KB size 0.00
Merging Several Revisions - Management Issue 0.00
Passing script parameters to a function in Powershell +1.81
bat file to install .net 3.5 framework for win server 2012 -2.43
committing only the svn merge info 0.00
SQL Server 2008 R2 - Execute Maintenance Plan from Powershell 0.00
How can I expose MSBuild 'Conditions' in VS2010 (for vc++) -1.66
Speed up MSBuild build process -2.16
Is it necessary to name NUnit test DLLs with ".Test" for... 0.00
From within Powershell, how do I pass an IEnumerable argument? +0.54
Teamcity running build steps even when tests fail -1.23
TeamCity: How to get a list of last builds for each build configura... 0.00
wix installer 3.7 boostrapper Registry search +2.50
Team City build error file not found 0.00
Setting conditions on Components in Wix +1.47
How can I do a complete clean of my VS 2012 solution? -2.46
Team city (build runner requirement) 0.00
MSBuild get all project referencing/using a project -0.24
Wix "Product element contains an unexpected child element util... 0.00
Commandline override the /Out paramter of a vcbuild task of msbuild 0.00
Run SingleFile Generator through MSBUILD +0.04
Can a Bundle reference MSIs from local folder during installation? -3.10
MSBuild, conditional NET runtime 0.00
Customizing Drop Folder Structure with TFS Team Build -2.62
TeamCity: Subversion VCS root with GitHub externals 0.00
Powershell remote authenticate & application installation +0.10
How to check out SVN external URL directly? -4.00
svn merge --reintegrate fails on "missing ranges" 0.00