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Dietrich Epp

1711.30 (102nd)
160,657 (338th)
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Title Δ
How to handle error: expected expression before ‘do’ when there is... 0.00
In C, how to create a function that, given a string literal as a pa... +0.45
Storing a Timestamp as a Binary Fraction in C 0.00
How to express '\n' in Assembly? +0.21
C FIFO crashes when writer goes faster than reader -2.57
Guarantee of Python script manages to finish reading deleted file +0.91
Attempting to reduce executable size of Go program 0.00
Broadcast failure: how to dictate the axes of broadcasting? -2.03
How to iterate through all pixels in a image and compare their RGB... +0.23
GNU linker: errors if pointer in header file is declared NULL and/o... +1.31
Any way that we can prevent the breakdown between reference and obj... +0.30
heapusage detects Memory leak possibly caused by printf +1.07
Does Git keep a record of past merge conflicts? +0.74
How to fix '415 Unsupported Media Type' error in Python usi... 0.00
Can I use `va_list` twice as following: +1.69
How come this const char* can't be modified after actually modi... +0.94
Python 3 when writing json file double backslash problem 0.00
how to find if a s3 url is image or not in python 3 +0.24
PyOpenGL headless rendering 0.00
Python C++ float math representation error +0.23
How can I calculate the kurtosis of already binned data? 0.00
Unexpected decorator behavior, "if" statement executes af... 0.00
sha256 sum does not match the gzip command output 0.00
Read *.tar.gz file in python without extracting 0.00
Checking if all bolean elements in a list are the same in Haskell +0.87
how child processes get terminated when use execve loader in C -1.52
How to set GIT_WORK_TREE with git-bash 0.00
I don't understand why I need to put two lines in a specific or... +0.23
OpenGL: Is "discard" the only replacement for deprecated... 0.00
C redirect terminal descriptor -0.27
64k limit on json data for urlopen 0.00
Is `#pragma pack(1)` risky/dangerous if a struct contains only byte... +1.19
is my malloc array changing unintended values? 0.00
PIL Image.fromArray's color space 0.00
How to emulate bash's "ulimit -u" command using C and... 0.00
.gitignore wildcard suffix exclusion with negation for subfolder 0.00
How do I remove 'b'\xef\xbb\xbf' from my data table arr... -0.27
Define a unique and global assembly label/symbol inside C functions -2.70
How do I open a file in VS Code terminal by partially matching the... -0.60
C calling ASM (YASM x86) 0.00
Conditionally entering a for loop -0.55
Is there a preferred practice for restricting code push to Git repo... 0.00
Resolving Password correctly with @ sign in git -3.08
Switching git global config between gitlab and github 0.00
stat alternative for long file paths 0.00
Why aren't text line endings uniform in GIT Despite * text=auto 0.00
Undo merge in sourcetree 0.00
GoogleTest force #undef on particular test 0.00
gitignore everything but certain extencions and also directories 0.00
Google Style Guide (Section Forward Decleration) +1.49