An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Tasnuva Leeya

1473.12 (4,514,833rd)
1 (4,399,472nd)
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Title Δ
How to get the value of Queryset in Django -1.81
printing just numbers from a string -0.31
Adding two joined numbers in python -0.12
dialogflow :: detect intent and switch context at the same time +2.37
Delete some files using the linux Command line 0.00
Command "python egg_info" +0.04
Django CSRF cookie sending images with axios client +2.04
PyPDF2 extracts blank text 0.00
How do I give a container a static ip, or how do I link two Docker... +0.05
How to run jupyter notebook using docker with ubuntu? 0.00
What does 'n' mean in this program (python)? +0.04
Dialogflow slot failing 90% of the time 0.00
How can I delete a specific cell using .remove() in python +0.42
How to catch Facebook Card Response button click event in Dialogflo... 0.00
Errors in installing keras using pip? +0.29
I have a list of words. I want to find a word for a fixed length -0.96
Tensorflow automatcly input None in shape? +0.55
Unable to install tensor flow with pip? +0.02
Reverse triangle in Python -0.23
django.template.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError: Unclosed tag on lin... 0.00
Python Complex IF Statement +0.04
How to solve the error in installing Tensorflow? 0.00
failed to install tensorflow in anaconda -0.48
Display pandas dataframe without index +0.84
Not importing ast, convert deque of lists to list of lists -0.10
Understanding the values of summary() (Output Shape, Param#)? 0.00
Get the first occurrence of a string in python -1.96
Logistic regression error Object has no attribute '_validate_da... 0.00
how to select the value from list pair in python +1.03
extracting a text from some strings with python -0.92
cloning existing repo and creating react-app 0.00
pip install dlib fails to find Python.h in virtualenv 0.00
Error while using Tensorflow: no attribute 'variable_scope' 0.00
Web Crawling using BeautifulSoup -3.29
How to do Dialogflow Integrations with facebook messenger? +4.33
Find shortest distance between points of two arrays with scipy -3.86
How to avoid KeyError without using try/except? +4.36
AttributeError: '_io.BufferedReader' object has no attribut... 0.00
Git push to branch command 0.00
How git forking works? +4.82
NoReverseMatch problem with my tutorial for Django -3.70
adding * in a for loop -0.18
How to use lxml for web scraping? -1.94
my model does not perform python and tensorflow process, keras +0.28
How to implement a function that parses a string into a tuple? +1.68
Shuffling Pandas Dataframe Columns +3.81
Change values in list of dictioneries -0.56
pandas to_excel not working with pyinstaller -1.93
How to resolve git error: “Updates were rejected because the tip of... 0.00
Input returning string when it needs to be used as an integer +2.21