An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1483.80 (4,478,938th)
8,830 (17,622nd)
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Title Δ
Xcode 6 build failing with missing Info.plist file 0.00
Suppress rendering of HTML link in JQuery datatable when printing 0.00
Why do I have an excessive amount of space in a UITableView section... 0.00
Using javascript function arguments as spring message tag arguments 0.00
How can I pick the difference between a HTML page initial visit and... +0.02
MySQL INSERT INTO (SELECT) with defined field 0.00
Defference between where(IN(' ')) and Wher(IN(' ')) 0.00
Take away the EXISTS but leave in the switch -1.99
How to prevent "bounce" effect when a custom view redraws... -1.51
Bool not updating -0.13
How can I supplement the "environment" details provided b... 0.00
binary search in java -0.00
Reduce image size (bytes) in ITextPDF 0.00
SQL Query error (create table) -0.32
How to return with errors in a method? +0.85
symbol is multiply defined +0.09
Copy of arraylist keeps getting modified to the values of the origi... -0.40
Select one distinct row based on a case statement applied to a column -0.63
How to get file type on linux? -0.48
why session is ended when cache is cleared -0.47
Strange error at a ternary operator usage -0.47
How can I get a list of all mounted filesystems in Java on Unix? -0.50
Is it possible to track ios device? +0.51
How to verify if a string has ellipsis (...)in it through java? +1.40
What's the best iOS software design flow? 0.00
Adding a separate identifier to a second dynamic cell in ios 6? 0.00
Spring: get bean based on paramters +0.22
How do people go about attacking an encrypted file? -0.52
C++ What is the right way of declaring a char array in a class? -0.46
JAVA with SQL: the return value of insert command? -1.50
Start-up Login Screen using Java that prevents user from skipping a... 0.00
cannot allocate an array of constant size 0 -0.32
How to check the LLVM compiler version Xcode is using? +1.26
Sustainable Method to Provide Additional Information in Exceptions? +0.06
code to replace int array's element's least significant bit to 0 in... +0.54
best method to support multiple orientations on iPAD with storyboar... -1.84
Which method is proposed for split date string? +1.65
Is it possible to insert a Method into a List<>? +1.96
How to find the algorithm of a hash in case of having the plain text? 0.00
pass pointer to method in Objective-C +0.94
Another case where whitespace matters (maybe?) 0.00
Unable to handle orientation in iOS 6? 0.00
if statement not returning anything -1.53
What does alignment to 16-byte boundary mean in x86 -0.23
How do I influence the size of a modal view presented with a partia... -0.50
return data from a Modal View Storyboard iOS 5 0.00
Why is -didDeselectRowAtIndexPath not being called? -1.28
Why does iOS delay when saving Core Data via a UIManagedDocument? -0.50
iOS Human Interface Guidance for Changing Table Sort Column 0.00
How is "Application Layer" different from "Transport... +0.01