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Keith Thompson

1639.85 (636th)
197,733 (226th)
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Title Δ
Why do unsigned "small" integers promote to signed int? 0.00
i am struck with the Flow of execution, can anyone help me out 0.00
Creating a variable-sized array without malloc 0.00
How to check pointer points to valid String in C 0.00
mkdir no such file or directory syntax error? 0.00
Deallocating locally defined variables in C 0.00
Are two pointers comparing equal converted to an integer type compa... 0.00
Pointers with increment and decrement operators 0.00
Why pointers can't be used to index arrays? 0.00
function doesn't detect EOF 0.00
What's the difference between (size_t)-1 and ~0? 0.00
Do Cronjobs remember last runtime after reboot? 0.00
C - what is array name when not converted to pointer of its type? 0.00
Maximum size of object macro 0.00
FLOP count of "x += y" vs. "x = x + y" 0.00
explicit type is missing ("int" assumed) 0.00
How did Cygwin g++ resolve it? +1.98
assignment of c short to Ada short_integer 0.00
Why in so many places *p() is called a function that return a point... +1.60
Strange integers in c language +0.59
Making a void function that returns a value -1.18
Segmentation Fault in Simple C Calculator -2.02
Which versions of GMP, MPC, and MPFR were used to compile GCC? -0.69
bash variable doubles in value - why? +0.31
GNU indent: does it support C++ 0.00
Ada elaboration not occurring at all +1.10
Why can't I initialize a typedef struct string or char as norma... +0.94
C and the <complex.h> file 0.00
Go bin in PATH, but "go version" fails 0.00
What is the difference between r'.*' and '[.*]' reg... +1.35
The C++ Prog Lang book page 139 e.g 0.00
Dividing by zero in C +1.19
Why 32-bits OS supports up to 4 GB RAM -1.69
1 << 31 cannot be represented by type 'int'? -0.53
Function ping+() into .bashrc doesn't work 0.00
What does it mean when define a struct var without identifier in a... 0.00
Initialization array of structs - {NULL} vs {} +1.73
math.pow alternative in Lua? 0.00
Pointer or address? -2.09
Why can I call a function without an argument when it is defined wi... -2.21
Undeclared Function within struct in C 0.00
Without null char in second argument for strcpy() function is retur... +0.31
Function always returns pointer to null -1.06
why memset does not set all the memory? 0.00
Redirect output of Xterm to log file -0.22
How can I remove the last comma from a string in Perl -1.10
Unix variable looks like a string but isn't 0.00
Dereferencing one past the end pointer to array type -1.41
How can there be so many register variables, with such a limited nu... +1.06
Representation and alignment requirements of enum types +1.68