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Keith Thompson

1644.51 (613th)
201,643 (228th)
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Title Δ
Definition of an "expression" in the C and C++ standards 0.00
'}' expected near '=' Program 0.00
identifier "test" is undefined; What does this mean in th... 0.00
how to return std::string from a function in c++ +0.71
What is the difference between y=-1 and y=0xFFFFFFFF? +0.30
rand()/RAND_MAX function prints 1 every time -0.20
When I type a '-' character in vim, it seems that it is pri... 0.00
C printf specifier %lld prints characters "ld" +0.31
Is the "NULL" or "\0"-sign, of a Null-terminate... +1.51
What if i try to print large ints using %c and %s? +0.92
What is the purpose of (void)variable in C? -0.53
What is exit status 42? +0.31
Change a part of current directory using cd in linux 0.00
Type casting and addition -0.24
How to print/detect a null value in C 0.00
Why is bash still searching for conda? +1.73
Why does visual studio print FFFFFFFF for char -1? +0.31
Is there a function or arrangement that returns the penultimate lin... -0.70
Where is the FLT_MAX macro defined? 0.00
Confusion about unsigned and integer expressions -2.17
tcsh: How to clear command line arguments after use? 0.00
Executable says "line 1: ELF: not found" when starts 0.00
Memory Allocation with "calloc" Fails 0.00
gcc size_t and sizeof arithmetic conversion to int +0.31
What is the difference between stdio.c and stdio.h? -0.14
Size of int, short, long, long long? -0.52
Weird txt behavior 0.00
Does C guarantee 32-bit integer arithmetic? +0.90
C - Char to ASCII: 'a' prints as 6 +0.31
Is there an alternative way to express whole line $0 in awk? +2.08
Why is the return type for ftell not fpos_t? -1.27
Is the difference between the addresses of a function's paramet... -0.36
printf aligning problem with degree (°) character +2.21
mv: missing file operand while using mv in shell script but not in... +0.30
Trying to understand signed integer conversion rule from the standard +1.97
How do I remove core files in Unix? +1.14
How does Linux system handle CRLF in a file? -1.29
sizeof char pointer and pointer to pointer -0.38
Strncpy gives unwanted characters at end of string 0.00
does decrementing a NULL pointer lead to undefined behavior? +1.15
Free() not working even after I used malloc to allocate memory || C... -0.20
Why do unsigned "small" integers promote to signed int? +0.67
i am struck with the Flow of execution, can anyone help me out 0.00
Creating a variable-sized array without malloc +1.28
How to check pointer points to valid String in C 0.00
mkdir no such file or directory syntax error? -1.65
Deallocating locally defined variables in C +0.04
Are two pointers comparing equal converted to an integer type compa... -0.83
Pointers with increment and decrement operators -0.16
Why pointers can't be used to index arrays? +1.03