An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Eric B.

1490.41 (4,238,625th)
10,468 (14,425th)
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Title Δ
How to dynamically modify an authenticated user's security role... 0.00
Can Liquibase be used only to validate that ChangeSets have been ap... +0.10
Is there an Event I can trap in KeyCloak when an account is tempora... 0.00
How to debug SpEL evaluation when it doesn't evaluate properly... 0.00
How to configure JBoss AS4 and Wildfly 10 to communicate via JMX to... 0.00
HeadlessException when trying to launch/run jProfiler 9 on Fedora 2... 0.00
Spring Boot startup throws Exception: No thread-bound request found... 0.00
How to add maven build output to plugin classloader? 0.00
Error "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 0.00
WSS4j 1.5: How to skip password validation? +0.02
spring boot: log file not generating +0.03
Log @ConfigurationProperties in SpringBoot prior to startup? -0.52
JAXB Get namespace from non-root element? 0.00
JMockit wasn't properly initialized 0.00
JAXB: Is there a way to unmarshal only specific paths in an XML? 0.00
Spring Boot non-embedded Derby database? 0.00
Spring Boot - How to specify an alternate start-class? (Multiple En... 0.00
How to use versions-maven-plugin to set child module versions? +0.01
Any quick/easy way to delete <version> tag from pom files? 0.00
How to use an external lib/dependency in ant maven task? 0.00
Java Get One Day Before Specific Date +0.77
Java logical || with compareToIgnoreCase +1.42
How to make a read-only data Class in Java -0.21
Wait until a list of thread end +0.66
ArrayList and List Java -0.07
How to specify log file in log4j2 0.00
Common method call. avoiding garb code 0.00
Creating arrays from a file read in as a command argument 0.00
Trouble understanding synchronized in java -0.06
Account balance: how to calculate it properly on SQL +2.25
How to configure AOP in Spring +0.04
My application is not running directly through domain name 0.00
How to check the authentication token created or not and keep it in... 0.00
Exception handling in spring 0.00
How to debug everything that goes over the wire (http) +0.53
Lombok not generating getters/setters (with Luna or command line co... 0.00
Session handling in simple http server +0.50
How to use Grunt without compressing everything into a single file -0.48
how to control how wiredep generates bower file path and how to con... 0.00
How to double expand a variable name in AngularJS -2.04
SpringMVC randomly not returning a response +0.50
JPA @ManyToMany does not seem to update join table with no CascadeT... +0.01
Is there a way to write a pointcut for a getter to an annotated fie... 0.00
Injecting a component in an aspect in a non-spring environment +0.02
Configuring AspectJ aspects using Spring IoC with JavaConfig? +2.95
Spring 3.2 + Hibernate 4.3.4 + jUnit : EntityManagerFactory is closed -2.07
Hibernate 4 JPA EntityListeners not firing in Spring MVC/ Spring Da... 0.00
setting up spring app with spring data repositories and mongo db -0.87
How to use Spring ROO with a maven multi-module project? 0.00
Confused about how to handle CORS OPTIONS preflight requests +0.49