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Marc-André Lafortune

1572.83 (3,632nd)
64,029 (1,388th)
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Title Δ
Parsley JS - Custom Validator for Minimum Number of Select Set to V... 0.00
Rubocop: Exclude files from a list given on command line 0.00
Is there a better way to assign a Ruby hash while avoiding RuboCop&... 0.00
How to use RuboCop::Cop::Rails::ApplicationRecord on Rails 4 0.00
Node pattern to match some, but not all nodes within a begin 0.00
How to set Featherlight Gallery current image when calling multiple... 0.00
What is the best EXIT status check Command that works in Rubocop, L... 0.00
Is it possible to have more than one remote / async validator on an... 0.00
Close FeatherLight after opening a new one 0.00
validate a form using parsley.js submit outside form tag 0.00
Parsley.js: date input field is not validated when clicking (x) 0.00
Featherlight Image Count Index/Total [Indexing Error] -0.60
Why the form is not setting after using parsley().reset(); and stil... 0.00
How to prevent Parsley validation when submit form 0.00
As soon as the input field is valid, the other element gets focuses 0.00
Running code when featherlight lightbox is open and when closed, li... -0.60
parsley custom validator not triggering on dynamically generated fi... -0.15
Unable to display GIF while submitting form after parsley validation 0.00
How can I change errorElem? -0.56
How to call parsley methods on radio buttons 0.00
Running some code right after parsley in submit button 0.00
How can I validate a TreeView using parsley.js? 0.00
Is it there a way to call a Parsley validator inside another one? 0.00
Multiple instances of featherlight iframe - not triggering 0.00
Laravel 5.7 - Custom Validation Message parsley 0.00
Parsley Validation Sum of Fields 0.00
Add ParsleyJS custom message with field name 0.00
Clarification on data-parsley-`constraint`-message in Parsley.js 0.00
Select2 not working with Parsley.js when data-parsley-errors-messag... 0.00
How to display parsley custom error message without <li> 0.00
How to change defaults for featherlight.js Wordpress plugin? 0.00
Issue displaying an error message in the correct div while using Pa... 0.00
Validate two forms inside one form element with ParsleyJS +1.66
Parsley: How NOT to validate on certain events 0.00
Issue comparing 2 dates using parsley javascript 0.00
Parsley.js : how to make a custom validator of out an existing one -0.10
How to add a variable to custom Parsely error message? 0.00
How can I have localized messages when using Parsley.addAsyncValida... 0.00
Manually calling Featherlight gallery starts from first image alway... 0.00
parsley custom validator not responding on First click 0.00
Parsley validation does not work for select drop down 0.00
Parsley validate not work after change value from dom 0.00
Variable in Parsley Error Message not updating 0.00
Is it possible to use multiple validator error messages on a single... 0.00
How to Validate Form fields one by one with Parsley Js 0.00
When processing a parsley form event is there a way to determine wh... 0.00
Require at least one checkbox with Parsley 0.00
Add custom Parsley validation 0.00
Parsley remote validation is performed several times, even after su... 0.00
Can't change / get value of input after being opened with Feath... 0.00