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1699.19 (148th)
39,297 (2,852nd)
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Title Δ
How to check if all the element in the list of one algebraic type i... 0.00
Find whether a tree is a binary search tree in Haskell +1.26
What does "lax" mean in "lax monoidal functor"? 0.00
bind can be composed of fmap and join, so do we have to use monadic... +0.98
Monoidal Functor is Applicative but where is the Monoid typeclass i... -1.45
Why doesn't the list Applicative instance perform a one-to-one... -0.45
Haskell: Why ++ is not allowed in pattern matching? +0.24
double type Functor definition refused 0.00
Which Haskell Functors are equivalent to the Reader functor 0.00
Why can't I pattern match on a type family? 0.00
Initial algebra for rose trees +0.60
Why this variable is invisible in where 0.00
Haskell Type Level Equality 0.00
list comprehension unique values +1.26
How to use Functor instances with Fix types +1.40
Haskell singletons: What do we gain with SNat 0.00
Is there a way to generalize this TrieMap code? +1.27
How do I extend this mergeWords function to any number of strings? +1.24
Functor type variables for Flip data type -0.62
How to write function for N-ary tree traversal in Haskell +0.25
Monoidal folds on fixed points 0.00
Calculating type of polymorphism haskell 0.00
Why is `((,) r)` a Functor that is NOT an Applicative? +1.56
Kind-polymorphism in classes 0.00
Dissolve lambda calculus +1.32
Agda-like programming in Coq/Proof General? -2.23
Find indices of String in List - Haskell +0.25
Haskell: How to write a `Monoid` instance for something that depend... +1.35
Why do Maybe/Optional types use a Just/Some type instead of the act... +0.63
Known pattern match in agda +1.66
What is the name of this monoid law? +1.35
Functions of GADTs -2.14
How do I apply the first partial function that works in Haskell? -0.83
Find the preceding element of an element in list (Haskell) +0.71
Pattern matching in Observational Type Theory 0.00
What are some motivating examples for Cofree CoMonad in Haskell? 0.00
Standard name of a sum type like Either but for 3 cases? +0.30
Haskell io-streams and `forever` produces no output to stdout 0.00
Parsec: Applicatives vs Monads +0.71
Do all Type Classes in Haskell Have a Category Theoretic Analogue? +1.19
Difference between Haskell and Idris: Reflection of Runtime/Compile... +0.97
How do you keep track of multiple properties of a string without tr... +1.05
Reasonable Comonad implementations +1.31
Create sort of splitfunction haskell +0.69
Rotate a matrix in Haskell -1.43
Why do we need containers? 0.00
How to specify the type for a heterogenous collection in a GADT for... 0.00
Please tell me the mistake in this haskell coe syntactically 0.00
Provable coherence in OTT 0.00
Why does product [] return 1? +0.99