An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Lionel Rowe

1545.40 (9,436th)
62 (929,222nd)
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Title Δ
Increasing range until get results +0.40
Argument of type '(old: number) => void' is not assignab... 0.00
How to replace unknown whitespace on string +0.92
how to fetch all the 87 object in this api +0.41
How to style/reference a html tag like <h1 anyname>Text</h... +0.43
Percent in url next js 0.00
Type 'undefined' is not assignable to type 'number | bi... 0.00
ReferenceError: Cannot access 'x' before initialization in... 0.00
preact-cli/babel/typescript - getting Symbol.iterator and [...sprea... 0.00
How do I get innerHTML of document before parsing? -0.57
In Chrome new Date(string date) is working but in Firefox it is sho... 0.00
Higher Order Functions and Passing Functions as Arguments -1.14
Using createContextualFragment with JSX 0.00
How to convert a specific onclick popup link to direct link href wi... 0.00
JavaScript split long string into array based on div height and width 0.00
React Native: getter function in functional component? +0.08
JS reducer to return object +0.85
How to integrate plain (vanilla) JavaScript inside ReactJS? +0.43
use ternary operator with useState in React Native -0.56
Determine exact type/class of object 0.00
Replace = with : in serialized data -0.84
Javascript display div only once +0.11
Only show Popup one time with React (local storage) 0.00
Convert any date format to en-US(mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss) Using JavaScr... -0.07
Luxon does not format (DD'MM yyyy) format 0.00
Bracket usage in CSS +0.42
Create array using foreach loop and pass it back with webworker pos... 0.00
How to get the next hours from now from an Array with night hours? -0.03
text animation - "typing" text for the initial value in a... -0.61
Node's bcrypt Compare Returns False Though It's True -0.60
Understanding HTMLElement.hidden +0.44
Get pseudo-random item with given probability +2.07
How can I pull a value from last clicked div? +0.42
Can I trick instanceof with JSDOM? 0.00
Select all elements with a certain color? +0.43
Read all .md files, convert them to html and send them +0.43
When I add Shadow DOM to a custom element... where does the already... +1.63
Why is react-markdown outputting code blocks instead of HTM: +0.44
Calculator does not work correctly - problem with decimal point +0.16
Issue grabbing all emails from DOM string with match and regex +0.43
Sort an object by key names specified in an array -2.62
Replace string in entire document source code -0.67
React Router Link reloading page : Conflict with external event -0.06
Javascript breaking text across multiple lines while maintaining in... 0.00
A better way to handle set/removeAttribute and adding classList in... -0.06
Why is my async function returning a pending promise after await? +1.10
Relationship between html and js tabs in codepen when showing code... 0.00
Indicate a broken line in HTML (due to word-break) 0.00
How to use lambda function as a argument properly? +0.44
Dialog chaining in react +0.44