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John Carter

1528.71 (19,711th)
40,987 (2,693rd)
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Title Δ
Customizing django-allauth password_reset_from_key template -1.94
Prevent html5 "required" attribute on Django required for... 0.00
is it possible to use class based view instead of function based vi... 0.00
MYSQL not allowing JSON data type -0.05
Rounding datetime to the nearest hour +1.93
How do I write unknown keys to a CSV in large data sets? 0.00
Jenkins Pipeline gives error '"docker build... 0.00
How to iterate over files in an S3 bucket? +1.33
Google analytics session linking between mobile app and webview 0.00
How to run a http server which serve a specific path? 0.00
Django Twitter clone. How to restrict user from liking a tweet more... +0.46
Overriding <head> tag within Django template 0.00
django - How to change existing code to ModelForm instance -0.04
Python 3 dict/map that CAN have lists as keys (like c++ STL map)? +0.18
How to convert 1/2 to 2 in python 3.5 +0.74
how to access django settings from 3rd party module? 0.00
How to find an original text representation for lower precision flo... +0.02
How can I specify a requirement only for Python 2 (ie not Python 3)... 0.00
Hex characters in arguments to Popen -0.28
Google Tag Manager error: Uncaught TypeError: w[l].push is not a fu... 0.00
Why we can't use operators with floating point numbers? -0.18
What causes "elasticsearch.exceptions.ConnectionError: Connect... 0.00
How to resolve "django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: A... +0.46
PHP for sending a email from a form returns a T_STRING error +0.46
how can I know how many rows will update sql affected before I exec... +0.03
How do I access no_monitor in save() function? 0.00
Useless MySQL SELECT condition 0.00
In Ubuntu how can I execute multiple simultaneous terminals from PHP? +0.50
Symfony 1.4 select query with selected columns is not working +0.51
Issue with NOW() in pdo statement +0.19
C++, file i/o...i have a .txt file and i have to scan it for exons... -0.04
Universally extending doctrine_table in symfony project 0.00
PHP SQL QUERY - Filtering with Query, multiple values for item -0.06
mysql unexpected output from query +0.15
Using awk to mix two files -1.53
linux c programming: does close() call fsync() in linux? -1.22
How to reach a GET parameter in configuration of form? -0.51
CSRF check failing due to missing "state" parameter in re... 0.00
How can I use arithmetic right shifting with an unsigned int? +0.36
Save large files from php stdin +1.37
Symfony 1.4/Doctrine: store datetimes as UTC, but show all times in... 0.00
Detecting if Keyboard is connected to Windows Surface? 0.00
How to effectively convert double to int in c++? -0.58
Why does C have both . and -> for addressing struct members? +0.82
why is argc returning 6 as opposed to 3? -1.96
Generating random tests -0.52
How to destruct an object in symfony 1.4? +0.21
How to handle large CSV files to insert into mysql -0.51
How to use timezones with php dates? 0.00
How add DOCTYPE in export xml? 0.00