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1524.33 (24,768th)
9,127 (16,938th)
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Title Δ
Using sed to replace commas with dot without touching dates -1.34
Count the number of occurences in a file in the last 7 days +1.81
Trim FASTA headers with sed +2.17
Exiting awk with error code if pattern not found +2.57
How to sort array of strings by function in shell script -0.48
The meaning of ${BASH_SOURCE-$0}? +1.53
how to run complex awk command on remote machine -0.54
Splitting a file with a very long comma separated string of numbers... -0.89
How to find and replace MAC address -1.18
Create a command on crontab that stream editor and rewrite a file e... +1.46
Fortran90 - compiled program creates a blank csv file instead of re... 0.00
TINY(x) intrinsic function 0.00
Splitting file on nth occurence of delimiter and add content from t... +0.47
AWK function to grab profiles for gnome-terminal -1.76
Which AWK program can do this manipulation? -0.35
Bash while read line and sed combination to replace values in certa... +0.94
Convert all number abbreviations to numeric values in a text file +0.80
How do I grep a string on multiple files only if the string is pres... +1.50
How to use "grep -v" or something similar in the entire t... -0.12
Applying longest space between two words not working -1.33
AWK assign upper value for rank assignment during tie +1.76
Recursively finding files in list of directories -0.63
How to treat files as huge string with macos grep? -1.18
moving sql logic to backend - bash -1.82
Delete a specific character in txt +0.52
Bash script that that determine if string "a" is the same... 0.00
Does sort -n handle ties predictably when the --stable option is NO... -0.27
How come the POSIX mode of GNU Awk does not consider a new line a f... 0.00
How do pipes inside awk work (Sort with keeping header) +0.54
Extract value for a key in a key/pair string +0.21
why single quotes and double quotes works differently in "bash... 0.00
Can't use OR for AWK -1.69
How can I find the number of 8 letter words that do not contain the... -1.11
Rounding of the millisecond part in Linux datetime -0.96
awk: how to "nextfile" in ENDFILE? -1.30
No-op shell command that preserves $? +1.33
Bash seed, how to strip the first word and extension in each filena... 0.00
Crontab not shows shell script containing cat command 0.00
How to get a string before a specific character in bash +2.20
Bash count number of numbers -1.46
Remove headers from a fasta file -0.03
How to shorten awk command and add leading zeros to the record count -0.02
Unix side-by-side difference with a remote hidden file +1.31
sed | replace value with environment variable containing double quo... +0.01
How to follow latest log file with tail -f? +2.75
Move logfiles based on filename (date) with bash +0.47
Finding most recent file from a list of directories from find command -0.66
Find positive roots numerically -0.33
Can someone explain this AWK command? -1.25
Is there any alternative for “grep -B 1 “ as I can’t use grep with... -0.85