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1705.44 (128th)
56,758 (1,692nd)
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Title Δ
Perl "reverse comma operator" (Example from the book Prog... -1.28
Perl "null" equivalent? 0.00
Perl: Makefile.PL, File::ShareDir::Install, chicken and eggs +1.57
Perl BEGIN failed compilation because scalar @list +0.22
Perl WWW::Mechanize encoding issue 0.00
Difference between Parentheses for Capturing and Back References in... -0.54
perl output - failing in printing utf8 text files correctly 0.00
/usr/bin/env perl does work as command but not in perl script +0.23
Parse::RecDescent does it only operate on a string? 0.00
How to deal with variable hash value -3.09
How to set HTTP-headers with Perl? 0.00
How can I install Perl module manually (root) and have non-root use... -2.59
Why is XEmacs refusing to automatically syntax-highlight a specific... 0.00
Why use the -s file test on a directory? +0.22
why are there two @ signs in one constant? +1.22
Can HTTP::Tiny be used to upload files? 0.00
Can't make the lc parameter work? -0.81
What is indirect object notation, why is it bad, and how does one a... +1.05
Perl - How to reference a module installed locally? 0.00
Perl Untaint Variable By Passing Through Perl Module Subroutine 0.00
Installing Config::Pit on Debian Wheezy 0.00
Regular Expressions with multiple dots in Linux bash shell give str... -0.42
Cannot successfully extract paragraphs using perl 0.00
File::Spec->catpath does not work for Windows 0.00
Can't locate WWW/ Using cpanm doesn't work -1.17
Can using Scalar::Util's weaken cause invalid reference problems? -1.70
Suppress passed test output in Test::More +1.47
Perl while loop not behaving as expected +1.49
Insert intermediate elements into array +1.22
Arch Linux Perl. (Data Dumper) undefined symbol Perl_xs_apiversion_... 0.00
while inside foreach kills original array +1.22
perl anonymous subroutine within a named subroutine +0.21
How to tell Perl to always run with use v5.010? -3.05
Moose coercion to file-permission octal value 0.00
How to Make _ _ LINE _ _ and _ _ FILE_ _ run in perl? -1.99
Perl Inline::Module correct way of writing Makefile.PL 0.00
CPAN module prereqs 0.00
perl not recognized as a command in Windows 7 0.00
Does Perl's Smartmatch work aginst array (ref) of mixed strings... +0.23
What -C flag number in perl makes UTF-8 "just work"? +0.23
perl: canot open file within a loop +0.65
How to call shell subroutine from perl script -0.98
In Perl, how does readline assign to $_ in a loop condition but not... +0.56
How do I print multiple variables in perl? 0.00
How can I install Lib::XML on ActiveState Perl 5.20? +0.52
Use javascript in Perl CGI +0.22
How to do 'Wait and Answer to System' with Perl +0.23
Can't connect to 0.00
What is the default `perl` print target? +1.47
I am using MIME::Lite::TT to send mail with perl. How to save the m... +0.23