An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1484.75 (4,298,366th)
655 (216,841st)
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Title Δ
joining two lists of different sizes to create a new dictionary in... 0.00
How do I get the url to an api knowing the request url and headers 0.00
Does anyone know how to combine these functions? -4.03
How to add a string after count of occurence of multiple specified... +0.13
How to import a text file that both contains values and text in pyt... +0.15
NameError: free variable 'd' referenced before assignment i... -4.46
How to readline() of a previous sentence 0.00
how to remove /n and comma while extracting using response.css +4.08
How to make list of dictionary from two list in python -2.02
How can I remove "None" at the end of my function's r... -2.21
How to iterate through this nested dictionary within a list using f... 0.00
How to choose which nan in column header 0.00
Overloading operators for operands of different types in Python 0.00
How can I fix this error "UnboundLocalError: local variable &#... 0.00
How to give value 0 to absent values 0.00
Python says it found keywords in string that is not containing keyw... -2.79
What happens when you "and" two lists together? 0.00
Check if Key Structure exists in Dictionary +1.46
How do you concatenate multiple videos using ffmpeg? 0.00
Why replace() doesn't work in my Python function? -0.54
How to create an npm script -4.02
How to recognize a attribute change when the attribute is a list of... +0.06
File creator recognize folder name as a existing file 0.00
A program that prints text into a text file +0.15
How to remove newlines from csv files? -3.27
How can I import "random" in Flask? 0.00
An if not statement ...? +4.24
Problem with add_time function when it has to pass values of sum to... -2.14
How can i create a list of elements from 2 other lists -1.63
How to print max and min value from a long file? -0.67
Problem with function not recognising a similarity in two lists +3.70
What should be my arguments in my function and what should i return -0.01
How to give a function access to a variable in another functions... 0.00
How to make sure the script is executed by a specific version of py... +0.20
Python: changing a string, based on it's original value 0.00
Is there better way to deal with cross platform slash than this in... +3.01
Modify all local links in html file +0.10
How to insert a symbol in every object in a list? +0.57
Unable to properly install mysql connector 0.00
Deleting files in directory / deleting certain directory that is no... -3.16
Is there an efficient way to write if x of these variables are true... +4.04
AttributeError: 'textChunker' object has no attribute '... 0.00
ValueError: time data does not match format -0.03
Why to use .remove(elem) when there is .discard(elem) in python? 0.00
how do i filter a list with another list in python -3.98
How to delete a line with starts with function by python3 -0.35
Test passing on TestFX, but not in headless mode 0.00
JavaFX ListView select items from two lists -4.06
Using str and int indexing in arrays 0.00
converting list to dictionary in a python 0.00