An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1498.80 (3,821,492nd)
3,789 (44,303rd)
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Title Δ
Validation before Insert query 0.00
Changing the backcolor of multiple buttons while holding down the m... 0.00
Decimal position using "Beats per minute" in taglib-sharp 0.00
How to setup Listview when receiving data from database 0.00
Passing Stored Procedure Result to textbox +0.25
How do i get the data to my database using (class, module an... +0.51
how to use FIND_IN_SET with dataview.rowfilter in 0.00
For Loop Continue For +0.44
How to use Lambda to cast HashSet to string containing only object... 0.00
Is there a way to avoid the error statement "Arithmetic operat... 0.00
insert text from textbox into MS access database(into cells) 0.00
Exception thrown when executing query +0.51
count of rows in MS access database in +2.57
Conversion from string "Insert into userinfo ('FirstName&#... 0.00
Insert text into MS access cells 0.00
VB: Crash when multiplied by a negative number +0.01
Convert String to Textbox Name +0.53
When i try to login to a created account iy doesnt recognise the us... 0.00
Search a list of string if it match a string with like operator -0.48
Insert records into a table from more than pc at same time 0.00
How do i handle a multiple null image values from Microsoft SQL Ser... 0.00
System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The wait operation timed out... 0.00
VB.NET Argument Prompt cannot be converted to type string -1.13
Math expression parsing: incorrect output when a + followed by a - 0.00
Command text was not set for the command object using vb and ms-acc... 0.00
Conversion from string "ual" to type 'Double' is... 0.00
(Regex) MatchCollection without a For each loop 0.00
Why do I get a "data type conversion error" with ExecuteN... +0.15
compute datatable with many filters 0.00
Visual basic - Function within a function as a variable +1.22
My Edit Button and Delete Button are conficting 0.00
How to use While with out using Datagridview in VB? 0.00
How do I resolve SQL ConnectionString error? 0.00
Having issues when 2 users are working with the same program 0.00
Is there a way to change the formatting of a New DateTime (VB.NET,... -1.26
How to Add an error message box for duplicate id? +0.00
How to use a timer to change the contents of a picture box every 3... +0.03
Returning a value from SQL Server to VB.Net -0.49
I need some help figuring out syntax for functions in 0.00
Restarting image loop 0.00
How to verify login permissions using a DataSet and QueryBuilder? 0.00
Mysql connections not closing with VB.NET application 0.00
DataTable to Crystal Report 0.00
How to fill a ComboBox from SQL Server using Windows Forms in vb? C... 0.00
OleDbDataAdapter doesn't like LIKE conditions 0.00
See value textBox3(from tabPage1) in textBox4(from tabPage2) 0.00
Object reference not set to an instance of an object in con.State =... 0.00
can someone please tell me the syntax error in the code, its in the... 0.00
SQL table only updating on a specific click event, not the other 0.00
Why is my combobox not displaying data after being chosen 0.00