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1564.02 (4,907th)
16,052 (8,712th)
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Title Δ
Split dataframe into list of multiple dataframes based on multiple... +1.81
How to merge 2 matrices to get a single data.frame -0.25
Any way to achieve numpy-like indexing of multi-dimensional arrays... -1.88
What is the most efficient way to correct text type data in a column? -0.60
Subset R list by partial string match of sublist element against ch... +1.88
R: How to calculate the sum of the possible columns combinations -2.31
How to pivot a single cell dataframe +1.70
melt/cast method to transform data.frame +1.71
Grouping the same letters within a code in Python 0.00
r plotting function questions -1.77
how to get list of class names from reference class in R +1.75
Is there a way to automate the multiplication of columns in R in re... +1.26
R Remove all rows from dataframe with specific ID based on conditio... -0.37
Solving an algebraic equation -1.60
fit a normal distribution to grouped data, giving expected frequenc... 0.00
How to Loop through communities by ID? -0.74
Creating sequence of dates in a column in a dataframe in R +1.50
Summarize and Transpose rows to columns in R -2.17
Generate a pyramid in R using a vector and a defined scalar +0.58
Dividing one column vector into different columns, according to the... +0.17
how to parse a python list in R? +0.44
Vectorizing a function in R +2.66
How can I find out which row of data from this excel sheet is dupli... 0.00
conditional sum of columns in R 0.00
Moving Average grouped by two separate columns +0.19
Optimise to find minimum distance -0.55
How to divide values in another column across two different factors... -1.35
R: randomly subset rows within each level in dataframe +1.00
How to group different elements in a column? -1.82
Splitting a string with nested parentheses at only the top level wh... -0.14
R Apply distance function on all rows of data.frame +1.44
Extract characters between 2 dots in R -0.05
In R how do you create a column with unique values based on time an... +1.64
combine/merge rows with dplyr -0.58
Create a data frame with the common columns of a data frame list - R -0.28
building a function to compute correlation matrix in R +1.39
Create nxn matrix +1.41
how to replace entire row by another row, with the same id, in R? +0.66
How to count variables in duplicates in R -0.53
generalize R function for variable input -1.57
R name cleanup to get correct unique variables -0.09
Is there a way to divide two dataframes in the following way and ge... -0.04
How to identify all country names mentioned in a string and split a... 0.00
How do I solve this billion iteration sum? Project Euler problem 94... -2.33
R Create new variable/column based on subsequent observations -1.02
convert List to Json in python, so can be accessible by use of Key +0.42
numpy array to data frame and vice versa -0.32
How to create image from literal bytes in Python? +1.92
Is there a way I could reproduce the box plots using the lattice pa... 0.00
How can i get the asin of this string using regex? 0.00