An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.99 (4,384,786th)
2,879 (58,469th)
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Title Δ
Get User Object in Restful Service 0.00
404 not found error when locally testing web api +0.04
ASP.NET WEB API serialization: best practice 0.00
Convert charArray to byteArray +1.23
How to avoid null checking in a foreach body? -0.27
How to sort lines on a value in them +1.85
Java game check if shoot fire touched monster is too slow 0.00
search for column names in oracle -0.85
Converting custom class object into an Object[] -1.22
Environment Variable Not recognised -0.59
Reverse string code error +0.33
Linq-to-SQL foreign key is enum 0.00
Sql query to find out no of boys and girls in school 0.00
Convert From Decimal to BigInt (6 character precision) +0.53
Google Search Engine returns only 10 results 0.00
Oracle: Select From a Select -1.17
A class of Global Variables -0.83
how to check if sources of two images are same in Windows Phone 7 a... -0.20
C# Linq Convert Object Property to Array +0.55
SQL Database and C# - DateTime Format issue 0.00
How to populate two separate arrays from one comma-delimited list? -0.53
Data which shows up as a date in 'mm/dd/YYYY' format on spreadsheet... +0.02
Writing Loops with multiplication C# -1.10
Sorting datagrid column. List of objects c# +0.53
Java class variable declariation -1.87
java nullpointerexception error, please help me -0.00
For loop problems +0.91
EncrpytElement class is empty 0.00
Can not get java to write to a text file using PrintWriter +0.31
C# Sort object array by specific parameter -0.41
SELECT a variable as condition and display another one +1.35
How to add the float variables to a List<Point>? +0.56
how can i make both the alert function and decimal function work +0.14
Seperate Key Value From LinQ +2.11
String format BigDecimal to show either zero or two decimal places,... +0.53
Remove certain words from a string +1.51
Search for specific characters +0.54
Writing information to text file 0.00
Exception occurred during event dispatching:java.lang.ClassCastExce... 0.00
inserting data into a new column of an already exsisting table +0.90
What is wrong with my if block? +0.04
what is difference in requst.getContextPath() and basePath? Special... +0.04
Return top record (or row 1) only from query -1.25
Add and Subtract 0.00
Sort an object by the property in form of string -0.61
Do while loop comparing Strings +1.84
String split method java -0.11
why does scala not match implicitly on tuples? -1.25
Creating a Trigger in Oracle -1.49
How does Garbage Collector works for Primitive Data type in Java? +0.54