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Ralf Stubner

1521.55 (26,893rd)
14,865 (9,468th)
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Title Δ
Identical rmd files create different latex files when run on two co... 0.00
TikzDevice does not output code with umlauts in UTF-8 under Windows 0.00
correctly registering a plugin to use Eigen via Rcpp 0.00
Use text variable in rmarkdown 0.00
Can't manage two get page numbers shown at the outside of a two... 0.00
Trying to format a bookdown book without gitbook output 0.00
Knitr option hook results in LaTeX output 0.00
No source directory found, expecting to find it at /opt/build/repo/... 0.00
How to create and export a Matrix (after analysis) as a Table using... 0.00
Preserving character sequences like <- or != in Xaringan, preven... 0.00
How to install the object 'create' when I want to create my... 0.00
Set C dependency locations when installing R packages 0.00
Can't knit PDF files in Spanish from RStudio (on Centos 7) 0.00
Unable to use title format from chunk after figure 0.00
R package fails to run examples on x64 but works on i386 and Debian 0.00
Making all latex floats appear at precisely the location in the mar... 0.00
R markdown web page hosted on github does not reflect _site.yml 0.00
Rcpp function not returning desired NumericVector 0.00
Cross-referencing bookdown::html_document2 not working 0.00
C++ builtin random artifacts in Rcpp 0.00
How to change 'eval' output format in a document. (remove t... 0.00
Big graphic makes and white lines in previous page (bookdown/Rmarkd... 0.00
Block quote in bookdown/rmarkdown footnotes 0.00
Is there a way to embed a bookdown document as a blogdown post? 0.00
"No site generator found" when renaming index.Rmd 0.00
Full author list for first citation in a chapter [apa.csl] 0.00
It seems it is a bit slow to extract element from a List in Rcpp 0.00
Quickly determine the approximate maximum of an integer vector 0.00
How to add name in bib file in latex 0.00
How to hand R objects to C++ using Rcpp? 0.00
reticulate python engine - Use r as a name for Python object shared... 0.00
Rcpp: List <-> Matrix conversions by reference?? + Optimizing... 0.00
Sampling using common random numbers in r (efficiently!) -1.64
Rcpp/C++/R: Error in comparison DatetimeVector vs. Datetime (error:... 0.00
R Markdown PDF Change Font & Color for Headers -0.36
Tikzpictures not rendering in gitbook, even though they appear in p... 0.00
Using YAML set parameters IN YAML header Knitr with parameters 0.00
Passing R functions to C routines using rcpp 0.00
Let knitr/kable display latex code for further editing 0.00
Using itsadug::gamtabs with Rmarkdown: tables do not display properly 0.00
Text (not syntax) highlighting in Rmarkdown/Papaja 0.00
Random sequence generator with full coverage of interval 0.00
Slower implementation in Rcpp than R when importing R functions 0.00
How change font with latex text in R plot? 0.00
How to link to already compiled external shared libraries in RCPP u... 0.00
Improve performance of a For Loop in R to calculate all Shapley val... 0.00
Fast sorted sample with replacement -1.96
Knit rmarkdown files containing tikz chunks while using fontspec pa... 0.00
Is is possible to use kpfonts in matplotlib? 0.00
How to solve memory problems on R package install 0.00