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Ashwini Chaudhary

1701.20 (144th)
186,257 (265th)
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Title Δ
Why are min and max listed as sequence operations? 0.00
Unable to deepcopy a class with both __init__ and __new__ defined +0.24
class decorator issue, or: How does Python discriminate methods fro... -2.50
Does CPython optimize the creation of constant sets? +0.23
How can I make my Python `set` and `frozenset` subclasses preserve... 0.00
How does Python's reversed() function work? 0.00
Keeping track of which subset is computed to avoid mixing the results -0.30
Nested lambda statements when sorting lists +0.21
Python mock: AssertionError: Expected and actual call not same 0.00
Python 3: How to check if a string can be a valid variable? -1.06
`with` statement in python is different from pep343 0.00
Capture the last value from a ´yield from´ expression 0.00
Group similar values in multiple lists 0.00
Accessing a class instance in a library from two separate scripts i... +1.22
Group and combine items of multiple-column lists with itertools/mor... +0.99
Python function references 0.00
Performance of map vs starmap? -2.29
Subclass in type hinting +0.24
Override python open function when used with the 'as' keywo... -0.43
Default Argument decorator python -0.01
Iterate nested python dictionary efficiently 0.00
Is there a specification about "str(some_list)" in the Py... -1.21
How to shift the columns of a 2D array multiple times, while still... +1.32
Correct way to format integers with fixed length and space padding -0.79
Override used classes in parent class 0.00
How to dynamically change signatures of method in subclass? 0.00
Convert numbers in string to `_NUM-*_` symbol +0.25
How to give values for local variables inside the function Python? +0.00
map if condition and append to list -1.02
Max index of repeating elements divisible by 'n' in a List... -0.24
Should a class convert types of the parameters at init time? If so,... -0.54
List left after slicing in python +0.24
Why do packages have imports under file? +1.02
Why doesn't super() work with static methods other than __new__? +0.60
A number smaller than negative infinity in python? 0.00
How do I split a string so that symbols are made into their own lis... -1.53
Subclass __init__ not seeing superclass conditonally-imported module +0.22
Zip in python does not work properly with lists +0.80
Print python List in subclass -1.98
Python: Shrink list of lists to a list without minimal number of rows +0.23
Global variables in importing module 0.00
Loop list of dicts and combine dicts with same ID 0.00
Python: batch elements of a list into predefined groups 0.00
Python: how to replace substrings in a string given list of indices -0.15
Where are python's splat operators * and ** valid? 0.00
Is there a use for the code cls().__init__() in a classmethod or el... 0.00
What is the type of traceback objects in Python? 0.00
Python: Pass by reference and slice assignment -1.20
Creating dictionary from list of lists and obtain the maximum keys... +0.10
Slicing a namedtuple 0.00