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1610.20 (1,372nd)
11,854 (12,453rd)
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Title Δ
How to split strings with regex without first and last special char... 0.00
Add values of same key in a dictionary 0.00
How to clear the current line in the Windows console with Python? 0.00
Cannot remove a value from a key in dictionary through taking input... 0.00
Store specific lines from a multiline file as values in a dictionar... 0.00
How to set the maximum number of iterations in a loop? 0.00
How to print words containing specific letters 0.00
Error while inserting one string in another 0.00
how to write a regular expression that removes patterns like : &quo... 0.00
Two names points to the same object in python 0.00
Python list of tuples to dictionary where keys of dictionary come f... 0.00
Dictionary to List where the key is repeated the number of times of... 0.00
Best way to merge two or more list in python preserving order 0.00
Sorting a list with both string and integers 0.00
Want to print random strings without repeating one single time 0.00
Removes duplicates from nested list without use of set 0.00
Merging arrays based on duplicate values on another array in python? 0.00
Break Python list item down into smaller list, replace new sub list... 0.00
Given an array of ints length 3, figure out which is larger, the fi... 0.00
Regex Help - Need to add optional comma seperation to already exist... 0.00
How to overlay two 1d arrays in NumPy? 0.00
Replace string elements in a list with elements in tuples by consid... 0.00
create dictionary from two list with the addition of values with sa... 0.00
How can I get index from an element in a mulitidimensional list? 0.00
How to get specific string in two subtring in python regex? 0.00
How to calculate subtotal of values of dictionary for key substring... 0.00
How to delete a dictionary from a dictionary if it doesn't cont... 0.00
Find List2 in List1 at starting Position 0.00
python regex look around enigma 0.00
How to redo a try statement within a certain amount of tries 0.00
How to get index of neighboring repeating elements within a Python... 0.00
Picking specific character and setting it into a var -0.83
Python - Sorting Lists - Functions +0.36
Sorting using custom comparator function in python -0.64
(Python) The validation and input works properly for binary but not... 0.00
python lists - convert an existing list of lists into a dict with m... +0.39
Pythonic way to parse tuples -1.71
Comparing two lists that are reverse of each other in python +0.56
list index out of range when the code still works? +1.65
How to restructure an individual list element into multiple list el... -2.28
condition to check if the list include a string except the string t... +0.57
How come I keep getting False when checking list item 0.00
finding the index of the elements appended to new list from its old... 0.00
List of strings in python -0.44
Any way of getting the repetition of a letter in an array? +0.34
Slicing a column in a dataframe with varied number of characters in... +0.35
Best way to Add values from two arrays in one dictionary python -1.23
mapping dictionary value to list and return original value if key d... +0.75
How do you choose a value in conditional statement randomly? 0.00
How can I count same words from sentences? -0.35