An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1520.93 (30,091st)
756 (195,136th)
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Title Δ
JavaScript prototype and call() +0.18
How do I inherit in JavaScript and specify new prototype members as... 0.00
Convert string to Date? +3.02
Context getting mixed in $.deferred.promise 0.00
custom binding html jquery -0.19
Get Values from dynamic textbox? 0.00
jquery has() doesn't seem to be working as expected +1.95
Drag and Drop a div from the inside of another div 0.00
jquery map a hash to a filtered subset 0.00
Setting a limit on appended list items -2.15
Removing DOM Event Observer -1.53
Converting string to array object using javascript +4.27
Backbone ListView creating zombies 0.00
e.stopPropagation required to prevent click events from bubbling up... 0.00
How can i get the destination url of a link on the web page in the... 0.00
Updating web applications when users don't refresh +5.26
Call a function from another file 0.00
how to always keep two divs side by side -0.23
onclick pass url parameter 0.00
Backbone destroy a model outside of a collection +0.02
Type Error on Backbone/Marionette Single Model Fetch 0.00
How to modelEvents work in Marionette.CompositeView -0.17
Marionette's view can't be inserted in Backbone.Modal 0.00
After ajax request in IE8 give this error: Could not complete the o... 0.00
jQuery append another script to a div 0.00
Redirecting to a dynamic page +3.86
decode a json array object +1.77
How to use Marionette.Callbacks 0.00
I am trying to get my PHP and form working correctly +2.94
How to specify integers as keys in an associative array? +1.81
Efficiently outputing a table 0.00
Do sites like facebook resize images before upload to save bandwidth? +3.86
How do I get text from a website using PHP? -1.23
How do I run a WHOIS lookup with PHP or Python? +4.08
php file exists or not -1.71
MVC or CodeIgniter limitation: how I can access a 'sub' controller? -2.09
XML or JSON reponse for Flex applications with PHP backend? -1.92
Rewrite folder to subdomain with .htaccess? -3.59
Which is faster in SQL: many Many MANY tables vs one huge table? +2.74